Maharlu lake (Pink Lake) is one of the wonders of nature. This beautiful wonder is located in Iran, in Fars province, and in Delgasha Shiraz. This beautiful and attractive lake is located in the southeast of Shiraz. Shiraz is a city of love, poetry, and literature. Shiraz is full of historical sights and a monument to the greats of literature and history.

Where is this lake?

Maharlu Pink Lake is located in the southeastern part of Shiraz with Safa and 57 km from Shiraz to Fasa road. The lake is located next door to an old village of the same name. Maharlu village is a very old village that dates back to the Safavid era. In the past, the village of Maharlu was called Dasht-e Gol.

What makes this beautiful lake a special and general city and attracts domestic and foreign tourists from all cities or even other countries is its pink color.

Why is this lake pink?

The intensity of water evaporation in this lake is very high. This intense evaporation has increased the salinity of the lake. The rising salinity of the lake has led to the proliferation of certain red algae. The name of this red seaweed is a special red dragon. Excessive growth and proliferation of these algae in Maharloo pink lake have caused the color of the water to turn red. It is interesting to know that the presence of this algae in the lake has made it impossible for any living thing to live in this lake.

The Environment

As mentioned, the lake’s excessive salinity has prevented aquatic organisms, especially fish, from living in the lake. But in the corners of Maharlu’s pink lake, reptiles such as lizards, snakes, and turtles can be seen. In addition, this beautiful red lake is home to some birds.  Some birds are permanent residents of the lake, while others migrate to the lake during the summer.

The Best Season To Visit Maharlu Lake 

Maharlu Lake is a seasonal lake. This means that the water level in the lake will drop in the summer and rise again in the fall and winter. Thus, the best season to visit this beautiful lake is from the beginning of autumn to the middle of May. If you visit Maharlu Pink Lake at this time, you will probably see migratory birds as well.

Maharlu Village

It is a pity if you go to Maharlu pink lake and miss the beautiful village of Maharlu. This village is very attractive and spectacular and is one of the most spectacular places in Shiraz. This beautiful green village is located on the southern slopes of the high mountains of the Zagros. The houses in this village are also very spectacular. Because these houses have high arches and arched windows. The village is also full of scattered gardens replete with almond, pomegranate, and fig trees. It should also be noted that this village also has a mineral water spring. The gardens of this village are located near this spring. This life-giving spring has added to the beauty of the village thousands of times and brought greenery and freshness.

The villagers call this life-giving spring a healing spring. They believe that the water of this spring cures skin diseases. Another tourist attraction of Maharlu village is the Khadijeh Banoo shrine. This shrine is located on a hill in the village. Another attractive tourist attraction of Maharloo village, especially for those interested in historical monuments, is the remains of a Safavid caravanserai called Shah Abbasi Caravanserai.

Maharlu Lake or Salt Lake

Maharlu  Lake is home to many migratory and non-migratory reptiles and birds. It can also be called Salt Lake because it has salty water. Lack of rainfall, overheating of the land and further evaporation of lake water have dried up many parts of the lake. For this reason, the bed of some parts of it is covered with salt and it is used as a source of salt supply for Shiraz.

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