Motorbike tour in Iran

Iran is great country to do motorbike tour, You can find whatever you need from nice roads and highways and motorway roads to the mountain and dust roads, Like everywhere in the world if you want to have a motorbike tour in Iran and ride a motor bike you need to be professional otherwise booking the motorbike tour in Iran wont be suggested in Iran also not suggested another place in the world So if you are amateur forget to ride a motorbike in Iran but if you are experienced and professional go ahead



1.Can I bring my own motorbike to Iran or I should rent a motor bike in Iran?

To have motorbike tour in Iran You can drive your own motorbike to Iran, there is no problem to ride a motorbike in Iran if you have international carnet de passage but if you don’t have international carnet de passage we can provide you temporary carnet de passage to Iran, carnet de passage pricing is really depends on the model of your motorbike and engine power but the average price is between 400 to 500 euro and it is valid for a week for more information you can CONTACT US about the pricing and process.


If you are crazy about riding a motorbike in Iran with no limitation days and not pay for carnet de passage we suggest you to buy/rent a motorbike.

rent motorbike in Iran


2.Can woman ride motorbike in Iran?

According to the law for foreigner lady who has driver license is OK to ride a motorbike in Iran but Iranian ladies are not allowed to ride a bike even I can say Iranian government wont provide driver license for woman to ride a motorbike.


3.Is it possible to buy a motorbike in Iran?

As non-Iranian you can not buy a motorbike in Iran and register it on your name but you can buy it on the name of a local and drive if you have motorbike driver license.

4.How long takes to buy a motorbike in Iran?

If you made a decision to buy a motorbike to drive through Iran you can order it to us that what type of motorbike you are going to buy and we will arrange the rest for you, it takes 1 working day.

You can check the models and price of the motorbike online.

5.How long the registration take?

This part is may one of the hardest part.

We can buy the motorbike that you choose very fast but after buying we need to take it to police to register and get a number plate and ID and documents for the motorbike and the whole registration process will take about 2- 3 weeks, because after registration they should post the documents of the motorbike to a postal address of owner

6.Are Iran motorbikes qualified?

Yes, there are a lot of types of motorbikes in Iran which most of them imported to Iran and you can buy them and enjoy the roads.You can check the motorbikes and price of motorbikes online.


7.How much is a motorbike in Iran?

At the time that we are writing (2022) the price of local motorbikes start from 1100 euro and according to the type and engine power the pricing are different for more information you can check online, unfortunately there are not a lot of website in English which can help but you can check Persian websites like :  and translate or if you need help to find the price of a type of bike you can CONTACT US


8.How can I ride motorbike of a local in Iran?

when you choose the motorbike and we bought it for you after registration we will send you a contract between you and Iranian local which shows you rent the motorbike from this local person and after your tour (30 days maximum) you will give it back the motorbike to the owner.

Definitely this is a WIN-WIN situation for you and a local,

You will ride a bike with not paying for carnet de passage which is at least 400 to 500 just for 7 days!  and not wasting a lot of time at the border for temporary carnet de passage also you won’t need to pay for registration and insurance and all paper work then after your tour the local will be owner on the motorbike as you will leave it to him.

9.Where can I get my motorbike and where can I leave it after tour?

As a travel agent we will to the whole process for you,

We will rent a truck and we will send the motorbike to you right at the border or if you are taking the flight we can send it to the airport to you by the owner or a truck.

It will be the same situation when you finished your tour,

We will provide you a truck to come to you and you can leave the motorbike to them or if you are going to the airport we can send the owner to come to the airport and you can leave the bike to him.


10.What do I need to ride a motorbike in Iran?

You need to have passport, visa, international driver license, insurance, helmet and documents of the motorbike (which we will provide it for you)


11.How can I get Iran visa?

As an official travel agent we can provide you visa,to get your visa just fill up the form on the link below:

12.Is it safe to ride a motorbike in Iran?

Generally motorbike is dangerous and you need to be professional and be familiar with driving rules in the country and we just suggest motorbike riding to whom who are experienced in this field



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