Is it worth hiring a tour guide in Iran?

Hiring a tour guide in Iran: Iran is a beautiful country with a lot of wonders inside, you can explore the country and cities by yourself but you never get the real feeling of the place by yourself, let me make an example for you.

Persepolis is one of the main attractions of Iran but if you go there by yourself and no guide you will just see some stone gates, a huge area and a palace with a lot of dust while if you have a tour guide they can tell you a beautiful story about the history of the palaces and every single stone that you see make sense to you and you feel history is talking to you.

Who needs a tour guide in Iran?

A tour guide in Iran for some nationalities like American, Canadian and British citizens is mandatory and for the other nationality is not required but still, we suggest you hire a guide because they can be very useful for you as they can save your time and budget.

Pay attention in Iran not so many people can speak English. Please note Iranian people are very kind and nice people but you can find good people and bad people everywhere in the world so tour guide in Iran can help you stop bad people from you and you feel safe and definitely will leave Iran with a great memory.

How can I hire a tour guide in Iran?

Our company with more than 10 years of experience proud of itself to provide you a female guide or male guide who is educated and experienced and totally knowledgable about their city and country. You just can contact us and our expert will introduce you to the best person who can suit you.

We also can introduce you, to a local guide in the destination which can be more economic for you and it can be really handy for solo lady travelers in Iran our youth traveler who needs a guide.

How much is a tour guide charged in Iran?

It depends on how experienced are the guide but the average price for a guide can be from 12 euros to 20 euros per hour.

How can I find the tour guide in Iran and be assured that they are good?

When you contact our expert (CLICK HERE) they will find your interest and they will figure out who can be useful for you and they will introduce the guide to you, you will be able to communicate with them before your arrival and also talk to them.

our guides are totally professional and you can read about them online or read the testimonial of other tourists who traveled with them before.

We also guarantee our guides and if you weren’t satisfied with them we will give you a 100% refund.

When I hire a guide should I pay for his meals and accommodation?

It depends on your budget and the type of tour guide which you are going to hire, Generally, you are not going to pay for meals and accommodations of the guide while you are buying a package. Still, if you are so happy with your guide and want to pay for her/his lunch it’s all up to you and shows your generosity and kindness.

How much should I tip?

This is totally personal and depends on you and your satisfaction, our guides are totally professional and they won’t expect a tip but like everywhere in the world they will be happy if you tip them if you want to have an idea about tipping I can tell you it all depends on how many people are you and how many days you are spending with them and which places you are going to visit.

While you are on the tour you always can email us and explain your situation and our expert will help you with all. Be sure all your emails will not be shared and we will keep them a secret. You always can have our word in secret as well.

Can I have a private tour guide?

Yes hiring a private tour guide in Iran is possible and our company can assist you to find the best tour guide.

  • What does a private tour guide mean?

Some people like to hire a tour guide to show them the city and help them with all their travel issues. Many times while you hire a private guide they can also work as a driver and can be your driver with a private vehicle for you which can be very handy(highly recommended).


Still, if you have more questions about hiring a tour guide in Iran feel free to contact us and get a free consultation.

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