Everything You Need to Know About Iran Travel Insurance


Planning a trip to Iran?

Iran is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. To ensure a smooth and worry-free experience, travel insurance is essential. This guide answers all your questions about Iran travel insurance, making things easy to understand.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Iran?

Yes, everyone entering Iran requires travel insurance. It’s mandatory to obtain a visa.

Can I Use My Regular Travel Insurance?

It depends. Some international plans might not cover Iran due to sanctions. To avoid any issues, it’s best to purchase Iranian travel insurance from a local company.

How Much Does Iran Travel Insurance Cost?

Prices depend on your age and trip duration. In 2024, prices start from a budget-friendly 10 euros.

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory?

Yes. You’ll be asked for proof of insurance at the border. If you don’t have it, you can buy it at the airport. Remember, due to sanctions, credit cards won’t work. Bring cash if buying insurance upon arrival.

International vs. Local Travel Insurance?

There’s no major difference in coverage. The key is to ensure your plan explicitly covers Iran and is accepted by Iranian authorities to avoid entry problems.

Can I Have Both International and Local Insurance?

Absolutely! Having both provides extra peace of mind.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

We provide a link below outlining the specific details of Iranian travel insurance policies and coverage:


Booking Your Travel Insurance:

  • Booking window: Up to 6 months before your trip.
  • Online booking: Yes, it’s convenient and easy.
  • Processing time: Typically, you’ll receive your insurance documents within a business day.


Important Notes:

  • Travel insurance is non-refundable once submitted.
  • Coverage lasts for 6 months from your chosen start date.
  • Your insurance starts upon entering Iran and is valid for the duration you select.


Receiving Your Insurance Documents:

After completing the application and payment, we’ll send your insurance file via email within a day.

Emergency Contact Information:

The insurance documents will include emergency contact details (phone and email) for assistance during your trip.

Sample Insurance Policy:

We’ve included a sample image of a travel insurance policy document for your reference.

Ready to Explore Iran with Peace of Mind?

Get started with your Iranian travel insurance today and ensure a worry-free adventure!

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