Airport CIP Services In Iran

Airport CIP services in Iran offer travelers a range of exclusive facilities and personalized assistance, making their airport experience more comfortable and convenient. Whether you’re a business traveler or a tourist, our airport concierge services in Iran can save you time and hassle at the airport. If you’re planning to travel to Iran soon, consider using our airport CIP services to enhance your travel experience.


CIP Services in Tehran Airport (Imam Khomeini International Airport)

General CIP Service for Passengers

The main CIP package includes several services which are mentioned below. If you need more services, please mention them in the online booking form.

1. Check in/Check out
2. Greeting and serving in the lounge
3. Possibility of paying travel expenses
4. Completing passport and security check
5. Transportation of passengers by
dedicated vehicles to the airplane stairs
and vice versa


Important note:

The CIP Lounge at Imam Khomeini International Airport is currently unable to provide services to passengers on the following departure flights but it is OK for arrivals

  • Lufthansa
  • Austrian Airlines

Please note that pilgrimage flights depart from the Salam Terminal, and CIP Lounge services are not available for these flights.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

For the latest update regarding CIP for which flights are available and which are not you can contact us



Our arrival service makes the arrival process seamless. Our local expert greeters will meet you at the aircraft or the air bridge carrying identifying signs. They will then provide assistance during passport and visa transactions, porter service at baggage claim, and VIP access to the arrivals lounge (where applicable). Our greeter will also facilitate contact with the driver waiting for you outside the airport, arrange a meeting point, and escort you to the transportation vehicle of your choice.

  • Meet and greet service
  • Fast track service
  • VIP lounge access
  • Porter Service
  • Fast Track through check-in
  • Immigration and customs assistance
  • Private transfer service from aircraft

Departure Service

Our airport departure service offers you a travel experience free of stress and problems. Once you’ve arrived, our greeter will meet you at the entrance of the airport/VIP terminal, advise you about the steps ahead, accompany you during all flight transactions, provide porter and fast track services (where available), and offer complimentary snacks and drinks at the VIP lounge (where available) so you can relax until your flight departs.

  • Meet and greet service
  • Fast track service
  • VIP lounge access
  • Porter service
  • Priority boarding
  • Immigration and customs assistance
  • Private transfer service to aircraft

Elderly or People with Physical Disabilities

CIP lounge services provide a lifter (instead of a staircase for entering the airplane) and a wheelchair for clients who are elderly or people with physical disabilities. On request, our colleague will accompany you.
Note: Do not forget to mark these services while booking (if needed).

Receiving Visa

Because of the issuing of VOA at Imam Khomeini International Airport, many travelers ask to receive their visas there. On request, our colleague in CIP lounge will do the administrative processes for you,

Please note to be able to receive your visa on arrival you need to fill up the visa application online visa form in advance by clicking the on the button:


The most important thing in aerial transfer for pets is a health sheet, whether for departure or arrival. Our colleagues in Imam Khomeini International CIP lounge do whatever needed like the paperwork, handing over the pets to the quarantine animal’s section, delivering pets with your other luggage, delivering pets to airplane officials, etc., after arrival/before departure, in order to make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Note: under the condition of being in a cage, pets
can be carried to the airplane cabin with their


Suites, Conference Hall, VIP Meeting Room

Residential services are available for passengers at the Imam Khomeini International Airport.Many departure flights are held at midnight,and as well, many flights arrive at midnight. In order to make our clients comfortable, we have designed CIP suits for spending hours in peace and rest. (Located in the second floor of CIP lounge) Passengers can make use of these suits for a period of 6, 12, and 24 hour. Besides, we have designed VIP meeting rooms and conference hall for business meetings or other purposes.
Note: You must book these services online.

VIP meeting

Parking Lot

We offer 24/7 parking lot service to passengers while traveling, so if you decide to go to the airport by car, we will take care of it until your return.


CIP parking

The Attendances

Although, CIP lounge services are only for passengers, we offer the attendance service to those who want to accompany their passengers even before the flight time. The only requirement for using this service is booking it online.






What are the customs rules in CIP?

  • Antiques and manuscripts, old coins, original cultural artifacts, antique paintings, and any kind of historical and cultural heritage objects.
  • Caviar more than one kilogram per passenger (for less than one kilogram, it must be stamped or sealed by the Fisheries Company).
  • Hand-woven carpets more than 20 square meters per passenger. (There is no limit on the number of carpet pieces in the specified square meters)
  • Cash more than five thousand dollars or its equivalent in other currencies for each passenger.
  • National currency more than five hundred thousand rials
  • Export of personal jewelry up to a maximum of 150 grams of all kinds of gold products per passenger is allowed.
  • Export of silver products and utensils as gifts and souvenirs up to a maximum of 3 kilograms per passenger is allowed, provided that they are not among cultural and historical works.

How are the regulations related to health laws in CIP?

Some countries require passengers arriving from certain parts of the world to have a special health and vaccination card. Therefore, it is better to be informed about the regulations of your destination country in this regard before making travel arrangements and purchasing a ticket.

These regulations also apply to livestock, live animals, and plants. If you are traveling with a live animal or plant, it is very important and beneficial to obtain this information.

Taking a dog on outgoing flights is only possible with identification papers and a veterinary certificate, as well as transportation in a special animal carrier. Passengers are required to check with the airline before purchasing a ticket to confirm the possibility of taking their dog with them on the trip

What are the regulations for pregnant women in the CIP?

Short-term and domestic travel is allowed for pregnant women up to 32 weeks on the condition of providing a doctor’s certificate and determining the approximate date of pregnancy. In long and international trips, the relevant medical certificate stating that there are no problems for pregnant women to fly must be approved by the medical department of the relevant airline.

What are the medical and health regulations in CIP?

Passengers with medical conditions that may be aggravated by flying or that may endanger their health must obtain a medical certificate and approval from a doctor before going to the airport or purchasing a ticket. They must then go to the head office of the relevant airline company.

Airlines are not allowed to accept disabled passengers who do not have a medical form, and they are not responsible for any problems that may arise.

Passengers with medical conditions that fall into one of the following groups must have their medical form completed and approved by their doctor before purchasing a ticket. They must then have it approved by the medical department of the relevant airline company.

  • Nervous system disorders (such as epilepsy)
  • Any bone fracture
  • Heart attack patients under treatment
  • Patients under treatment after surgery
  • Infectious diseases (such as acute sinusitis) and contagious diseases (such as measles)

It is also recommended that passengers with any of the following conditions consult with their doctor before traveling, in order to protect their health and have a peaceful journey.

  • Heart and vascular diseases
  • Blood diseases
  • Lung diseases such as asthma (shortness of breath)
  • Brain diseases and paraplegia
  • Burns and infections caused by them
  • Patients who, according to their doctor, need artificial oxygen and an escort (nurse or doctor)

How is the overload at the CIP station calculated?

Excess baggage is subject to the rules and regulations of the airline company, and the CIP formalities center will not be responsible in this regard, and in case of excess baggage, passengers are obliged to act according to the rules and regulations of the airline.

How is the CIP of outgoing passengers presented?

CIP passengers who are leaving the country should go directly to the CIP lounge, which is a separate building opposite the control tower, instead of going to Terminal 1 and going through the pre-flight procedures.

As soon as they arrive at the lounge, their luggage will be taken by the staff and they will be guided to the reception area and then to the lounge.

While the CIP passengers are using the facilities of the lounge, their luggage will be delivered to the airline by the staff and their boarding passes will be obtained with the best possible seats.

As soon as the airline announces that it is time to board the plane, CIP passengers will pass through a dedicated passport control gate at the airport without waiting in line and will be taken to the departure hall and then to the foot of the aircraft steps by a private car.

How is the CIP of incoming passengers presented?

CIP passengers who have made a reservation will be greeted by CIP staff as soon as they exit the aircraft and enter the jet way (JET WAY). They will then use a special staircase to enter the airport runway and be transferred to the Imam Khomeini Airport CIP special ceremonies place with a private car.

Upon arrival at the CIP lounge, passengers will use a dedicated passport control gate and pass through it without waiting in line or waiting. They will then enter the lounge and enjoy the many amenities it has to offer. While they are resting, their luggage will be collected by the staff of the lounge and will be given to them when they leave the lounge and in front of the exit door and at the place where they will get into the car.

Those who are welcoming arriving passengers can, if they have made a reservation in advance, welcome them as soon as they pass through the dedicated passport gate and accompany them in the ceremonial area of the CIP lounge.

The CIP service of Imam Khomeini Airport for incoming or outgoing flights?

CIP service of Imam Khomeini Airport can be provided for all incoming and outgoing passengers to this airport who use Terminal 1.

What is the exclusive position of CIP?

CIP is a three-story building at Imam Khomeini Airport (RA) that is known as the Special Ceremonies Place. Passengers on outgoing and incoming flights who use our services spend the entire time they are doing their flight-related activities in this building.

This building has a two-story reception hall. It includes a large space with a variety of seating areas overlooking the airport runway, a self-service restaurant that serves a variety of meals, drinks, desserts, pastries, and more at different times of the day, a prayer room, a 15-person private conference room, a VIP meeting room, game consoles for children’s entertainment, branches of Pasargad and Saman banks, handicraft, perfume, dried fruit stores, and more, a Saman Bank ATM that provides currency exchange services, and several other spaces and services are located on these two floors, and incoming and outgoing passengers can use the various sections and services of the CIP lounge during their stopover at the airport.

The interior design of the reception hall is also designed to make you feel relaxed.

But that’s not all.

Police gates, customs and baggage acceptance, dedicated and covered parking with a capacity of 88 cars for passengers, and open parking for temporary stopping of passengers’ companions are other facilities that are located in the CIP complex.

CIP has thought of everything from getting to the foot of the aircraft steps for departing passengers to getting to the hotel for arriving passengers, and provides first-class and flawless service in all its details.

Passengers of which airlines can use CIP?

There are no restrictions on the airline, however, it is important to note that CIP services are currently only available to passengers passing through Terminal 1 of Imam Khomeini Airport. Therefore, if your flight belongs to an airline that uses another terminal, such as Salam Terminal, there is no possibility of providing CIP service. In simpler terms, this service is only available to passengers who normally use Terminal 1.

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