Iran Hospitality Tour – Experience local food

This is the Iranian lunch or dinner you are looking for if you want to experience homemade flavors in a local’s home! Meet us and let’s have a great time together. We’re more than happy and can’t wait to introduce you to Iranian traditional cuisine. We will offer you a great meal cooked with healthy and fresh products. Join us and enjoy a traditional Persian dinner like Iranian people.

Gilan Hospitality Tour

Hospitality Tour in Iran Gilan will give you chance to live for some hours like a local and try Iranian homemade foods with Iranian local family in Iran and feel Iranian hospitality inside their house, try something different and get familiar with Iranian real life, we can host you and let you try this unique feeling.

We also can provide you delicious vegetarian food for vegetarians who are traveling to Iran and they are in difficulty finding their favorite food, Here you can find the most delicious fresh Iranian vegetarian meals.

  • You are always welcome to ask for the recipe for local meals that you served from the chef who will be present there.

Also, we can provide traditional food for diabetic tourists, just need to let us know early to give you our best recommendation.

Regarding your request cooking tour will be available and tourist who wants to learn how to make these foods can join their host for shopping and do all cooking together.

Please CONTACT US for availability one week before.


Note 1
We suggest you have a hospitality tour while you visit these places (It can be from 30 minutes to a 1-hour drive )


RudKhan Castle



 We have the capacity for 10 tourists at the same time NOT more
Note 3You can choose the local food from our menu if you are familiar with local food if not tell us your taste and let us choose the best food for you
Note4 In Iranian culture when you go to somebody’s house you should take something with you, it can be a box of chocolate or a small souvenir from your country
Tour duration is about 3 hours which according to your plan it can be started at 19:00 until 22:00




Welcome drink (Local non-alcoholic drinks)

Fresh fruits

Meals (lunch OR dinner)

Persian dessert





Alcoholic drinks


Sample Menu
1Fesenjan (Pomegranate Stew)
2Baqali Khorosh (Beans/Dill/Egg/Garlic)
3Torsh-e-Tare (Local vegetables/ Garlic/Butter)
4Mirza Gasemi (Eggplant/Tomato/Egg/Garlic/Butter)
5Sir-Galyeh (Chicken/Garlic/Egg/Juice/Butter)
6Morq Torsh (local vegetables/chicken/egg/juice/spices)
7Anar Bij (Walnut/Mince Meat/Local Vegetables/Spices/Pomegranate Sauce)
8Shami (Mincemeat/Local Vegetables/ Onion/Special Sauce)
9Alu Mosama (Meet/Fried Onion/Different type of plum/ Saffron)
Note: All food will serve with Iranian rice and saffron flavor.

This service will cost 100 € Per Person

to book the tour please:



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Hi are you ok

Aslam Alaikum. I want to see modern iran. I am not interested in old ruins or historical sites. I want to see rural life as well as modern cities. Can you recommend tour that could give me this experience? Thank you. Khalid Muneer

Dear Khalid our expert will contact you soon