Car and Camper travel to Iran

A unique adventure with your camper and explore the breathtaking landscapes of Iran!

Discover the rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty as you traverse the country’s diverse terrain. Our comprehensive guide ensures a seamless travel experience, providing essential information on visa requirements, vehicle insurance, and road conditions.

Uncover the charm of Iranian cities, ancient sites, and picturesque landscapes from the comfort of your camper. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling markets of Tehran, the historic wonders of Isfahan, the beautiful land of Lahijan, or the serene beauty of the Iranian countryside, our travel resources offer valuable insights for an unforgettable journey. Pack your bags and hit the road to experience the warmth and hospitality of Iran.

Your Iran camper adventure awaits!


Check the latest camper traveler interview in Iran

Join us as we sit down with an adventurous traveler who drove from France to Iran in a camper. Discover the captivating tales of the open road, cultural encounters, and the awe-inspiring landscapes encountered along the way. This 8-minute video is a testament to the spirit of exploration and the incredible experiences that await those who dare to venture off the beaten path. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and the thrill of the road less traveled. Get ready to fuel your wanderlust and consider the endless possibilities of a camper journey to Iran. Watch now and let the adventure unfold!







Is it possible to drive to Iran with my own car?

Unlock the simplicity of exploring Iran with your car or camper by partnering with our professional travel company. Navigating the wonders of Iran’s diverse landscapes becomes effortless when you choose our expert services. From securing the right permits to providing up-to-date information on road conditions, visas, and cultural nuances, our experienced team ensures a seamless journey. Enjoy the freedom of the open road without the hassle of logistics. With our dedicated support, your dream road trip to Iran becomes a reality. Discover the ease of travel and embark on a hassle-free adventure with our trusted travel expertise. Contact us today and let the road unfold before you.


Do I need a carnet de passage to enter Iran?

Yes of course, Carnet de Passage is required to travel to Iran Iran tourism center will take care of your carnet as well, If you need a carnet just for Iran and not the other countries we can provide you with a temporary carnet de Passage.


Can I get an Iran visa without accommodation in a hotel?

While you are filling up the visa application form you need to show the confirmation of your accommodation in Iran and without that your visa can be rejected so if you want to get your Iran visa without booking a hotel you can fill up the visa application form on our website and we will send you an invitation letter after somedays and you can go to Iran embassy in your home country and pick up your visa in 10 minutes!


What is a camper traveler’s definition?

We are providing service for tourists who prefer to travel to Iran with their own car, camper or motorbike here on the link below you can read more about camper travelers