Where is Garmeh?

Garmeh is a small and beautiful village on the edge of the central desert of Iran. It is in the central district of Khur and Biabanak county, Isfahan Province, Iran. Garmeh is a very classic desert oasis. It is a 5-hour drive from Isfahan and 4 hours from Yazd.

What makes Garmeh a special village?

This 1500-year-old mud brick village will surprise you with its pure beauties. In the heart of the desert, you can see the palm trees garden. You can walk in this garden and enjoy visiting tall palm trees or you can sit by a well in the shadow of a tree in total silence and watch camels and sheep pass by. Then you can climb the nearest hill and mountain and watch the desert from the top of them. Don’t forget to put your feet in the spring with doctor fishes. Don’t forget to ride a camel in Garmeh and make it an unforgettable experience.

How to reach Garmeh?

There are different ways to go to Garmeh.

First: by plane to Isfahan or Yazd and from there to Garmeh by taxi.

Second: by bus from cities like Tehran (south terminal) or Yazd and Isfahan. Buses stop at the nearest city, Khur. From Khur you can easily take a taxi and after 35km you will arrive at Garmeh.

Third: by your own car you can easily go to Garmeh. The road is in good shape and there is no problem during driving on the roads of Garmeh.

 Is there any hotel in Garmeh?

If you want to stay the night in this village and enjoy the night of the desert, don’t worry there is a good place to stay. Ateshooni guesthouse is a 300 years old house. It’s owner renovated it in its ancient style. Everything in this guesthouse is simple and unique. You can live a life like people who are living in the desert.

This video may help you have a better understanding of Garmeh in Iran.