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How to buy a Bus/Train ticket/Private car in Iran online?

Due to American sanctions on Iran as a foreigner, your credit card or debit card, or visa card won’t work in Iran so we are here to help you with your online booking.


It’s very easy just fill up the form on this page and wait for one of our experts to contact you and give you an idea about the availability and pricing of your request.

If you have any other notes please add them at the bottom of the form or feel free to email us at  info@irantourismcenter@gmail.com





Can I pay online or I should pay in cash?

It’s possible to pay us online because we have a bank account in another country and you can pay us online and easy but don’t forget it takes 3 working days usually, so it’s better to decide at the right time to be sure you have enough time. If you are in Iran you can pay us to cash in our office or if you are in another city we can introduce our representative to you and you can pay them, don’t worry we almost have one representative in each city or we find the best solution for you if we don’t have a representative.

What do I need to have to book a bus/train ticket?

You just need to send the copy of your passport or copy of your Iran visa to us and pay that’s it.

How much is the bus ticket and train ticket in Iran?

Its all depends on the distance which you want to travel and also to the season which you want to book your tickets.

More or less the average price for the bus ticket is around 10-20 Euro per seat.

And train ticket according to the type of train can cost you 30 – 50 Euro pre-seat.

Are buses – Trains on time?

Most of the time YES, according to the different city which you are in they can be late up to half an hours so you should be patient while traveling with public transportation.

Are the buses/Trains clean?

Yes, buses and trains are clean and safe and they have the standard of the world.

Can I find a bus or train in all cities of Iran?

Most of the cities in Iran has a train station and bus station but still, You can’t find the train and bus in all cities and to solve this problem we can recommend you to use our private driver and cars which are totally safe and professional.

How much does the private car and driver cost?

Again it depends on the distance and average price is about 80-120 Euro per car.and it can be divided between 3 people our cars have 4 seats (3 passanger+ 1 driver )

  • Do I need to pay for Petrol/toll/oil …?

NO, all are included and you don’t need to pay anything.

Why should I use this website to book?

We are always available(Not a system but human) and if you had any problem with your buses or train  we will arrange another way for you (FOR FREE OF CHARGE) to get you to your destination and we always believe 100% satisfaction of our client is important to us.please read our testimonial and word of other people who traveled with us before on our website or TripAdvisor.