Competitive Prices, No deposit needed,Carnet De Passage, and Border Assistance for Your Ultimate Journey to Iran


Embarking on an exhilarating self-driving or biking adventure to Iran offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the country’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse cultures.

As an official travel company, we are dedicated to providing a seamless experience. Moreover, we offer competitive prices for Iran Carnet De Passage, hassle-free border assistance, visa support, comfortable accommodations, and expert guidance.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the unique aspects of planning a self-driven or biking trip to Iran. Additionally, we will highlight the benefits of our competitive prices, convenient Carnet De Passage service, and reliable border assistance.


Section 1: Introduction to Iran’s Self-Driving and Biking Opportunities

  • Additionally, we will showcase the freedom and flexibility of exploring Iran on your own wheels.
  • Furthermore, we will highlight the diverse landscapes, ranging from ancient cities to breathtaking natural wonders.
  • Moreover, we will emphasize the advantages of personalized itineraries and authentic cultural encounters.

Section 2: Competitive Prices for Iran Carnet De Passage

  • Firstly, we will explain the importance of the Carnet De Passage document for temporary vehicle importation.
  • Secondly, we will highlight the competitive prices we offer for acquiring the Carnet De Passage through our services.
  • Additionally, we will outline the process of obtaining the Carnet De Passage, underscoring the convenience it provides at border crossings.
  • Furthermore, we will showcase our expertise in handling the necessary paperwork, ensuring a smooth application process.


Iran carnet de passage


The topic discussed in this essay applies to both cars and motorbikes, with the exception of pricing. In general, motorbikes are often less expensive than cars, but it is still important to thoroughly review the necessary documents and vehicle specifics

Motorbike group in Turkey-Iran border, BAZARGAN


Section 3: Hassle-free Border Assistance

  • Firstly, we will introduce our dedicated representatives stationed at key border crossings.
  • Secondly, we will explain how our representatives will assist you with border procedures and customs clearance.
  • Additionally, we will highlight the convenience of having a local expert to guide you through the process.
  • Moreover, we will ensure a stress-free and efficient border-crossing experience with our experienced team.


Section 4: Visa Support and Assistance

  • Firstly, we will provide detailed information on the visa requirements for different nationalities visiting Iran.
  • Secondly, we will explain our comprehensive visa support services, including guidance and assistance throughout the application process.
  • Additionally, we will offer peace of mind by ensuring the accurate and timely submission of the necessary documents.
  • Moreover, we will highlight our expertise in navigating any challenges or concerns related to the visa application process.




Section 5: Comfortable Accommodations and Tailored Itineraries

  • Firstly, we will present a wide range of accommodation options, including hotels, guesthouses, and traditional Iranian houses.
  • Secondly, we will discuss our ability to cater to different budget preferences without compromising quality.
  • Additionally, we will showcase our expertise in creating customized itineraries based on your interests, preferences, and available time.
  • Moreover, we will emphasize the value of our local knowledge and insider tips in crafting the perfect itinerary for your journey.

Section 6: Safety and 24/7 Support

  • Firstly, we will provide essential safety tips for self-driving or biking in Iran.
  • Secondly, we will offer information on road conditions, traffic regulations, and emergency services.
  • Additionally, we will highlight our commitment to your safety and our 24/7 support throughout your journey.
  • Moreover, we will recommend appropriate travel insurance coverage to ensure peace of mind during your adventure.

Section 7: Border Assitant for smooth entrance is essential!

30 euro per car doesn’t matter how many people are inside the car we will charge per car not per person!

When crossing the borders of Iran, it’s essential to have assistance with paperwork and a warm welcome. Not many people speak English at the borders, so having an agent by your side will ensure a smooth process.

If you possess an international carnet de passage, you won’t need to obtain a new one specifically for Iran. Just make sure that Iran is listed on your carnet. Nevertheless, there are still paperwork requirements, including presenting your car to the officers for verification of the chassis number, motor number, and more. The customs officials will handle the necessary paperwork, which may take some time.

If you don’t speak Persian/Farsi, it could be challenging as they might inquire about the duration of your stay in Iran or the name of the exit border to input into their system. To expedite these processes, feel free to contact us, and we can provide you with a representative who will assist you at the border.

Please note that if you purchase a carnet from our company, our representative will meet you at the border, and this service is complimentary! While tipping is optional, it is a kind gesture that demonstrates your generosity and respect toward our representatives. (Tips are not mandatory at the border)

Wondering about the approximate prices for the Carnet De Passage?

Here’s an overview of the estimated costs. Please note that these prices are subject to change, and for the exact price, we kindly request you to send us your documents for a personalized quote.

Approximate Prices (valid until the end of this year):

  • 1 week up to 7 days: Approximately 850 euros for cars and 650 euros for motorbikes.
  • 2 weeks up to 14 days: Around 1200 euros for cars and 750 euros for motorbikes.
  • 3 weeks up to 21 days: Roughly 1400 euros for cars and 850 euros for motorbikes.
  • 4 weeks up to 30 days: Approximately 1600 euros for cars and 950 euros for motorbikes.

Extended Stay: If you plan to stay beyond a month, you will be required to pay for the entire next month. For example, if you are driving a car and you want to spend 40 days (one month + 10 days), the total cost would be calculated for 60 days (two full months) which is 3200 euros (1600 + 1600 euros).In other words, if you stay 32 days or 60 days the price will be the same, So we suggest you manage your stay duration to get the best quote for carnet de passage, also our experts are happy to provide you with free consultant about CDP to Iran, You are just a click away from us on what’s app





Please note:

  • Prices are subject to change due to different exchange rates in Iran.
  • This information is based on May 2023. For the latest updates and detailed pricing, please contact us directly.


How to get Carnet de passage with no deposit?

We are happy to inform you that we do not need a deposit for your vehicle to Iran, the only money that you will pay belongs to the above section, and no need to put any deposit for the carnet de passage.

What can be the biggest challenge for entrance to Iran?

Based on our experience, when tourists visit Iran, they often face visa issues. Sometimes their visa is incorrect, and they are required to return to the nearest Iranian embassy to resolve the problem or pay money at the border to the police before they can enter Iran. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have the correct visa and use an official travel agent like Iran Tourism Center, who can assist you with the application.

Another challenge you may encounter is the items you have in your car, such as alcohol bottles or other prohibited items. These are not allowed to be brought into Iran, so it’s crucial to be extremely cautious and avoid giving anyone a reason to stop you.

Also sometimes the computers are too slow and you need to be patient while you are going to get the land border to Iran with your own vehicle,

And most importantly, make sure you don’t arrive on non-working days. If you happen to arrive on a date or time when no one is available or during non-working hours, you will need to wait at the border until the first working day. If you need more information or details about this, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to provide you with guidance.

What can be the biggest challenge to exiting from Iran?

If you haven’t done anything wrong in Iran, there’s no need to worry. However, if you have committed offenses like speeding or running a red light, you may face consequences at the border when you’re leaving the country. The police might stop you, ask you questions, or issue you a ticket.

In Iran, fuel prices are low, and it’s important to note that when you’re leaving the country, customs will charge you for the fuel you’re taking with you. The amount of this charge depends on the size of your fuel tank and the country you’re heading to.


Are there any restrictions on entering Iran?

Certainly, in order to be eligible for entry into Iran, your vehicle must be registered under your name or the owner of the vehicle should be present at the border crossing.


Can I utilize a power of attorney to import a vehicle into Iran?

YES, you have the option to use a power of attorney; however, it must be translated into Persian language and submitted to the Iranian embassy for confirmation.

Alternatively, if you arrive without a translated version, you can provide the English version of your power of attorney, and we will assist you in translating it and communicating with customs to facilitate the importation of your car or motorbike into Iran.


We are here to assist you with the most up-to-date information and provide you with a personalized quote for your vehicle.

Get in touch with us to plan your self-driving adventure in Iran.



Embarking on a self-driven or biking trip to Iran combines the freedom of the open road with the treasures of the country’s rich history and stunning landscapes. With our competitive prices for Iran Carnet De Passage, hassle-free border assistance, visa support, comfortable accommodations, and tailored itineraries.



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