Persian Art

Beautiful historical places and amazing nature aren’t the only attractive part of Iran. The great Persia has more to offer for tourists in art and handicrafts industry. Iran’s handicrafts industry has a rich history. Since thousands of years ago, Iranians made decorative things like jewelry, plates, statue by stones. Due to rich culture, nature and old civilization these handicrafts have expanded and it turns to a tourist attraction.

An interesting point about Iranian art is that Iranian art and handicrafts are dependent on the place and time of appearance, reflects the spirit and desires of the Iranians. Another point that seems to be the diversity of artwork is that it shows ancient Persians, In different areas, they have had high skills of artwork.

The art and handicrafts of Iran is one of the richest artistic heritage in the history of the world and includes architecture, painting, knitting, pottery, music, calligraphy, and metalworking.

Iran’s handicrafts are full of colors. The art of weaving, needlework and so on… have given everyone a special look to this land. women and men spend time, love and art on creating works that last for years and they affect on culture.

The most famous Iran’s handicrafts


Metal Works

Wood Works

Stone And Mosaic

Art and handicrafts industry of each country shows the power of people in creating something new. Iranian artists create handicrafts with indigenous instruments and in the local setting. This is very effective in translating native culture and presenting Iranians art to the world. Iran Tourism Center is ready to show you Iranians art and masterpieces.