Mongol Rally 2023-2024 had been canceled so we are going to programmed it for the next year.

Mongol Rally Iran 2024 – 2025

If you are considering doing a Mongol rally in Iran or you need any tourism service here is the best place to stop, Our team is proud of itself for 8 years of experience to provide service for the Mongol Rally in Iran

Traveling to Iran to do Mongol rally you require 3 or sometimes 4 things:

  • Iran visa

  • Iran Carnet de passage

  • Accommodation with parking

  • Tour (optional)

We can offer you the best quote and also the best roads and places where you can have a perfect experience in Iran.

Please pay attention this pricing is our special offer to Mongol Rally and NOT for all people who want to drive through Iran



Iran Visa code (Invitation letter)

50 Euro per person

(75 euro for non-Mogol rally)


Hotel in each city of Iran

20 Euro per person per night

Sheared Double Room


Iran Carnet de passage

300 Euro to 500 Euro per car

Depends on the value of the car


Tour guide

50 Euro per day

(100 euro for non-Mongol Rally)


Driver guide

100 Euro per day

(200 euro for non-Mongol Rally)


Mongol rally Iran

NOTE 1: All hotels that we are going to book for you included breakfast and parking, having parking in Iran, especially at night is very important and we strongly suggest you park your car in the parking.

NOTE 2: Carnet de passage price depends on the model and value of your vehicle and also which border and which date you are entering Iran.

NOTE 3: If you need just an Iran visa or just hotel booking or just Iran Carnet de passage to cross, all services separately are available.

Note 4: Cheap hotels in Iran for Mongol rallies are available and we can book any hotel or hostel that you prefer, But according to our experience we book some that we are sure that they are OK and nothing goes wrong. Do not forget safety should be your priority in Iran.

Note 5: For American, English and Canadian guides are required and these nationality visa fees will be 150 Euro per person.

Note 6: Please be sure that you will be at the border before 08:00 am and meet our representative.

Note 7: You should have insurance for your car which the price according to the car and time of stay in Iran will be different and you should pay it in cash before leaving the custom.

Note 8: Average stay to cross Iran is between 4 to 7 days and if you want to spend more time in Iran, pricing and possibility should be discussed.

Note 9: To exchange the money there are some people at the border which try to do the exchange for you which most of the time they will give you an awful you are always welcome to contact our experts for a free consult to get the real rate and even change your money with the highest rate at the border (This service is just for people who are using our service).

  • The first easiest and cheapest border to cross is Azerbaijan.
  • The second easy border can be Armenia.
  • And the most expensive one is the Turkey border

ATTENTION: We tried our best to write all details for clarification for Mongol Rally Iran 2022-2023. If you think we need to add some other information or any other points please let us know(help us to improve); If you think anything is confusing for you feel free to    CONTACT US      and have a free consultation.


Iran Carnet de Passage at the Iranian border

How the Carnet de Passage Works :

The Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) is a customs document that identifies a driver’s motor vehicle. It is required in order to take a vehicle into a significant but diminishing number of countries around the world. The Carnet allows travelers to temporarily import their vehicles without having to leave a cash deposit at the border.

It is, in essence, an international guarantee for payment of customs duties and taxes to a government should the vehicle or item not be re-exported from that country. Persons who temporarily import their vehicles or items into countries where the Carnet is required must agree to obey the laws and regulations of that country and particularly the conditions of temporary importation.

The Carnet contains relevant information about the items or vehicle – make, model, color, engine capacity, seating capacity, registration number, owner and value. It’s an international agreement, organized by the Alliance International de Tourisme (AIT) in Switzerland, and administered through agents worldwide.

These agents are usually national automobile association or touring club such as: the RAC in the UK(Which is stopped issuing Carnet’s), ADAC in Germany, ANWB in the Netherlands, RACB in Belgium, ÖAMTC in Austria, TCS in Switzerland and the AAA in Australia. Theoretically, you could arrange your Carnet with any authorized agent but, in practice, they won’t issue Carnets for foreign owners or foreign vehicles e.g. the ADAC. They all have different rules.

Where do you need it?

The Carnet is needed in many countries like Iran, UAE, Oman, India, Nepal, Japan, Australia some of the African countries and some other countries in the world.

The deposit is how much?

Here’s the bad news. In order to obtain a Carnet, the owner of the items is required to provide a security based on the age and market value of the vehicles. Import taxes are very high in some countries. The AIT classifies countries into bands from 1 to 8 according to their tax regime.

To calculate your Carnet deposit, simply multiply the price of your bike by the band number of the countries you wish to cross. For example, Iran is in band 5, so requires a deposit of 5 times the value of your vehicle. Carnet deposits can be huge. It’s possible to reduce the deposit by lowering the estimated value of your bike, but the agent has to agree that the figure is fair and reasonable.

Different ways to pay :

The quickest and easiest method to pay the deposit is by cash or credit card. The downside is that a large amount of money is tied up during your trip. The agents have therefore organized alternative methods of payment. You can take out a Carnet insurance policy. If you default, the insurance company pays the deposit- but the small print says you have to pay the money back. Insurance usually costs about 10% of the deposit, and the minimum value they will underwrite is typically around €2000. Your bank can also guarantee the deposit, using your property or savings as security. Banks will usually charge for this service, and there may be additional administration fees for the agent.

Costs : 

If you are going to do Mongol rally Iran you may have guessed, you don’t get that thing for free, in fact, it isn’t even inexpensive and has its own difficulties. First, you need to pay a fee to the automobile club to get the Carnet done which depends on your country of residence. Moreover, you need to deposit some money to the automobile club which can be used if you don’t return home with your vehicle. Of course, you’ll get this money back once you arrive back home, but for some traveler to start a trip with the amount of deposit short will quite a hole in their budget.

Carnet at Iranian border by Iran Tourism Center :

So, Across the world, driving a car from a foreign country to another requires the payment of tax and duties. A Carnet de Passage is a form of certification to prove you’re only ‘temporarily’ importing the vehicle into the country. For some overland travelers it seems that Iran is the only country requiring a Carnet and if you want to avoid all the difficulties of getting that in your home country, there is another solution for those who are interested to enter into Iran without Carnet de Passage which is easier, cheaper, quicker way which is possible if you use this specific and exclusive service. In the text below you can read more about this service :

Those travelers who want to come and visit Iran by their own car, truck, camper, caravan or motorcycle and might want to get the temporary “Carnet de Passage” at the Iranian border. So, we can provide official customs document which is 100% legal and approved by the department of customs of the Islamic republic of Iran then you can get your vehicle into and out of the country with this document.

You will keep the document until your exit point because it is necessary for you to have them when you travel in Iran and when you want to leave Iran. By using this service you don’t need to put security deposit which normally you would pay if you intend to get “Carnet de Passage” in your home country but I put the security deposit instead of you, so that, you just simply pay the fee for this service and in return you will have the provided necessary official document or let’s say Iranian version of “Carnet de Passage”.

This service helps you to save time and money usually spend by arranging the “Carnet de Passage” in your home country. The procedure is as following: I or the agent will be waiting for you on the agreed date at your point of entry into Iran to do the process and provide you with all the necessary documents (Please note doing all the process will take a few hours, therefore, you should be patient).

To start the process you should send some documents to us, therefore, you should make contact at least few weeks prior to your arrival to the border. Good to know that is possible to use our service at the Iranian side of the borders in Bazargan/Turkey, Bajgiran/Turkmenistan, Astara/Azerbaijan, Norduz/Armenia. Please notice this official document coming via Turkey will be only valid for 7 days maximum and you must enter and exit via different countries for example from Turkey to Turkmenistan, But if you enter from Armenia to Iran then with this provided official document your vehicle will be able to stay in Iran as long as your visa.



If you can manage 10 people/5 cars at the same time and the same border we can offer you a special quote :


Iran Visa code (Invitation letter)

50 Euro per person


Hotel in each city of Iran

20 Euro per person per night


Iran Carnet de passage

300 Euro to 500 Euro per car


What is our itinerary suggestion for Mongol rally route in Iran?

We can tailor-make your itinerary according to your time and interests for more information please contact  our experts

Here is some sample brief itinerary:

Sample Itinerary
Iran in 4 days
Day 1
Enter to Iran with Azerbaijan border and drive to Rasht city 173 KM (Almost 3 hrs drive) /Overnight in Rasht
Day 2
In the morning after breakfast drive to Tehran via Qazvin city 350 Km ( Almost 5 hrs drive)/Overnight Tehran
Day 3
After breakfast have a quick tour in Tehran and drive to Sabzevar city 660 km (Almost 7 hrs drive)/Overnight Sabzevar
Day 4
Sabzevar to Bajgiran border and exit to Turkmenistan


Sample Itinerary  2

 Iran Mongol Rally tour in 9 days

Day 1
Enter to Iran from Turkey border (Bazargan) drive to Tabriz for 270 KM (Almost 4 hrs drive)/overnight in Tabriz
Day 2
Tabriz to Tehran 627 KM (Almost 7 hrs drive)/Overnight Tehran
Day 3
Tehran city tour/Overnight Tehran
Day 4
Tehran to Isfahan 450 KM (Almost 5 hrs drive)
Day 5
Isfahan city tour / Overnight Isfahan
Day 6
Drive to Yazd with a stop at Naein city 312 KM (Almost 4 hrs drive)/Overnight in Yazd
Day 7
Yazd city tour/Overnight in Yazd
Day 8
Early check out and drive from Yazd to Sabzevar 737 KM (Almost 9 hrs drive)/Overnight in Sabzvar
Day 9
Sabzevar to Bajgiran border and EXIT

If you are interested to have more tips and points about Mongol Rally in Iran CLICK HERE


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Hello we have dual British/ German and British/Austrian citizenship. Can we enter/tour Iran on our German/Austrian passports and get a VOA and travel in Iran independently?
Thanks for your help and advice.

Hi Isabel,

You can travel to Iran independently but kke in mind you need to get your visa in advance and there is no VOA avilable for land boarding to do your visa process you can fill up the form on the link below: