What is the most popular Persian food?

Food and gastronomy is a huge part of Iranian culture. Iran is a vast size country, Due to the range of climates and geographic morphology, there is a range of culinary traditions across Iranian provinces. So food in Iran is extremely diverse and amazing. Iranian food is unique because the ingredients are unique. There is a vast spectrum of foods which all are tasty but on a short trip to Iran, you should know how to choose the special one!

What is Iran’s national dish?


The most famous Persian food in all around the world is Chelo Kebab! Before explaining about this food it is better to talk about Chelo and Polo! Rice is the most important part of Persian meals. There are two ways of serving rice in Persian foods. Chelo is plain rice served with kebab or stew. Polo is when the rice has a variety of ingredients like nuts, meat, and fruits.

There is a different kind of Kebab. Kubideh is the most classic one and it is a signature of Persian Kebab. It has made with ground lamb/beef or a combination, grated onions and spices. In all cities and from all crowded streets in Iran to the luxurious restaurants, Kubideh is popular.

Another famous kebab is Barg. Barg is a lamb or beef fillet marinated in onions and oil. It’s not as juicy as Kubideh but so yummy. You can also order a single skewer Kubideh and a single skewer Barg. The name of this combination is Sultani and you can find it in every restaurant’s menu.

The other favorite one is Joojeh Kebab. It is made from chicken and saffron and olive oil. In some restaurants, you can find sour Joojeh Kabab which is marinated with pomegranate sauce. This kind of kebab is originally from the north of Iran.

If you enjoy eating Kebab by hand try Shishlik which is a very special type of Kabab. It is grilled with the bones and so juicy and tasty. This kind of Kebob is originally from Mashhad but you can find it in every good restaurant.

Fesenjan (Pomegranate Walnut Stew)

This iconic stew is an important member of each party like wedding parties in Iran. This stew is flavored with pomegranate sauce and ground walnut. It is traditionally made with chicken or duck. The main point about the good taste of Fesenjan is it is slowly cooked. It takes around 4 or 5 hours to get prepared.

Kebab and Fesenjan are the most famous Persian foods which you shouldn’t lose trying them while you are traveling to Iran.

Is Persian food spicy?

Like other Middle Eastern countries, spices are an integral part of Iranian cooking. You can buy different colorful spices in any bazaar in every city of Iran. Saffronhttps://irantourismcenter.com/persian-saffron/ is the most unique spice of all. Iranian use it in many foods. From ice cream and cookies to kebob and stew. Iranians use different spices in such a balance that foods turn into a delicious and nutritious meal as a result.