Try Unforgettable Flavors in Iran!

Persian food is a mixture of different flavors which all are unique. It pivots around the flavors of saffron, rosewater, cardamom, turmeric and dried raisins.

Iran is a four season country with different climates. This variable climate has an important effect on rising special ingredients and also creating special foods. Many delicious ingredients are native to Iran, including pistachios, almonds, walnut. Saffron, oranges, pomegranates and grapes and many spices. Unlike other parts of the middle east, where the dry terrain limited what food could be grown, the ancient Persians transformed vast stretches of arid land into fertile oases via underground aquifers that drew melted water into the desert.

No diet during your travel to Iran!

The dishes of Iran are often time-consuming and slow-cooked. Rice is an important part of Persian food. There are two ways for cooking rice in Iran. Chelo and Polow. A Chelo is a common accompaniment to meat or poultry stews. Iranians  generally flavoured polow with vegetables, herbs and nuts.

Five Most favourite Persian food

1- Shirin Polo

Shirin Polo, considered “The King Of Persian Dishes”, is flavoured with saffron, orange peel, dried fruit, carrot, pistachios and almonds and then coated in caramelised suger and served with saffron rice.

2- Baghali Polo

This staple in Persian cusine is rice with dill and lima beans, which oozes fantastic flavor when the season is right. Of course, eating mix of rice with saffron and juicy and tender lamb on a bone is amazing experience!

3- kabab

Iranians love kababs and they enjoy the tasty flavor ans smell of various kinds of kababs such as Joojeh Kabab(which is Iranian favourite oicnic food) and Kabab Koobideh.

4- Fesenjan(Pomegranate Walnut Stew)

Fesenjan (Persian pomegranate and walnut stew) is a very tasty stew which is a part of Iranian’s culture. Iranians cook it on a low temperature to let the tastes blend and release walnut oil on the stew.

5- Ghormeh Sabzi

Iran’s most widely eaten stew, this green dish is a combination of different aromatic herbs, cooked lamb cubes, beans and dried lemons which make it very delicious.


Persian food is beyond delicious and whether a dish is savory or sweet, each reflects upon Iran’s lengthy history and the colorful and glitzy Persian empire. Come and try it!