Do you need an interpreter in Iran?

If you need an interpreter during your stay in Iran we can help. Here at Iran Tourism Centre, we pride ourselves on having the best male and female interpreters and translators from Farsi to English and vice versa and with our many years of experience, we have the perfect team who can assist you and your business.

Iranian interpreters

Do you have a business delegation in Iran?

We can provide the perfect support for translating and assisting with all documentation and agreements that you may encounter. Our team of the finest lawyers in Iran will be on hand to advise you of all Iranian laws and international business contracts.

Do you need help translating your presentation?

Whether it’s a basic translation for tourist needs or your requirements extend to the business arena, we can help. From small presentations to large keynote events, our team of translators can help you deliver your message effectively. We can even provide simultaneous interpretation from 1 to 4 hours to assist at your meetings or summits and thanks to our experience and ever-growing network, we are able to provide as many as you need.



How much does an interpreter cost?

The average cost is about 100 euros per session 

Our offices are based in Tehran and prices can vary depending on the location and your specific needs. Please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements. If you are in any doubt please consult our team of experts who will be happy to provide any information you may need.

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