Christmas in Iran

There are many people who live all around the world with different religions. Beginning if the new year celebrates differently in different religions and countries. Christian people celebrate Christmas Eve at the beginning of the new year, Iranian celebrate Norouz (this tradition dated back to 2500 years ago at the time of Cyrus the great). We have lots of Iranian-Armenian people in Iran. They celebrate Christmas. Like everywhere else in the world, Christmas is celebrated at home in the company of friends and family followed by several days of paying visits to relatives (a tradition that we also have during Norouz holiday).  Here in Iran, you can find Christmas stuff in many shops especially in the Armenian quarter like pine trees, bauble, tinsel, and candy cane. The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree has its roots in an ancient Persian tradition but forgotten today. Ancient Iranian used to decorate a cedar tree very much similar to how the world today decorates a pine tree. Every year Iranian Christians celebrated the occasion by decorating Christmas trees, exchanging gifts and attending services. As you know Papa Noel is one the most important character in Christmas and many people especially the children like to see him. In Iran, you can see him in the city and in Churches. Christmas in Iran popularly known by the name of “little feast” and it is the time of peace and meditation.

There are at least 600 churches in Iran which hold special services on Christmas night but the biggest one is called Vank church located in Isfahan in the Jolfa area. Many Christian people gather together and celebrate the new year.  They go to the church and say a prayer and wish good luck to each other.

I suggest you visit Iran during the new year in 2019 and see how people celebrate Christmas in Iran.

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