Traditional sport of Iran

Zoorkhaneh rituals is the name of Persian traditional sport. Zoorkhaneh consists of two main words: “Zoor” means power and “khaneh” means house. It is like body building and it stretch back to  the time of Ferdowsi and his book’s famous character Rostam . Rostam is a very famous mythological Iranian hero.

This sport is as old as Iran’s history. Some experts believed that it is oldest form of body building and it is done in special places which called Zoorkhaneh (house of strength). This sport is not just about how make your body strong but it is also about how train your soul to be a better person and be humble in all aspects of your life. The weighs which are used in this place are like ancient weapons.

Sport was always important for Iranian. It was important to stay strong. They could defend their country and family from war. It also had an important role in Persian poetry. There are more than 30 words related to champions. This shows how important was sport in Persian culture.

Zoorkhaneh is a place where athletes play this ancient sport there. The door of Zoorkhaneh is shorter than normal doors. It is because to lowering your head and enter to Zoorkhaneh with humbleness. This sport is full of prayer, song and power. There are around 50 Zoorkhaneh in Tehran. So durigh your travel to Iran don’t loos watching this sport.This sport also available in most of the cities in Iran if you need a reservation in any city of Iran you can CONTACT US