Fire In Ancient Persia

The fire was always important in ancient Persia. The importance of fire was because It was one of the holy elements which Iranians worshiped for hundreds of years. They believed that it was the essence of life and existence. They believed there is a connection between the fire and soul of dead people. So when they wanted to pray for the dead, they lit it and started saying prayers. They believed that the importance of fire is because when the family is alive it keeps them safe and after death it also supports souls. The tradition of igniting candle when someone dies belongs to this historical belief.

Importance Of Fire temple

Iranians believed that a fire temple is a place where evils couldn’t enter, so they could pray peacefully. Their belief was fire should stay away from the sun and human, so they made temples. In Zoroastrianism, these temples are the place of worship Zoroastrians. They held their religious ceremonies at this place. The most famous fire temple of Iran is in Yazd.

In this temple, there is a room which you can see the fire which belongs to 1531 thousand years ago!  It is unbelievable but there it is! In all these years during wars and problems, Iranians never let the fire become off. There is a special guard to keep it alive. Every day they add wood to it and they take care of it very carefully. So don’t lose this amazing place during your travel to Iran! You can’t find it anywhere else.