Mount Damavand

Damavand: The vast land of Iran has many mountains and peaks that have skyrocketed in place of this land. Among all the mountains of Iran, Damavand, which is a symbol of stability in our culture, has a special place. Damavand Mountain, known as the tallest mountain in Iran and the Middle East and also the highest volcanic peak in Asia, is located in northern Iran.

Where is Damavand Mountain?

Damavand Mountain is located in the central part of Alborz Range and south of the Caspian Sea and in Larijan section of Amol city.  Damavand Mountain is currently located in Mazandaran province in terms of the current provincial divisions of Iran and can be seen from the cities of Tehran, Varamin, Qom and the Caspian Sea provided the sky is clear and sunny.

Damavand Mountain from a historical perspective

744 years before the Assyrian era, Damavand was mentioned by Bacon in various texts, and since then the Damavand myth has always been sacred to the Iranian people. In the Avesta Bible, the Torah and many other historical books Damavand Mountain are mentioned under various names.

William Jackson, a 19th-century American historian, writes in the memoirs of his trip to Tehran: Damavand in Avesta is called “Hooverzite” and rises about 6000 meters above the ground, many tourists and prominent people who have lived in Iran since the Qajar era have mentioned various heights such as 14000 to 22000 feet for Damavand Mountain. Damavand, formed during the fourth period of geology called the Holocene era, has been well known among Iranians since ancient times. Even this beautiful mountain is mentioned in the mythical stories of Iran. In Shahnameh’s unique book, Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi from Damavand Mountain recalled that Zahak (his tyrant and dragon king) had been imprisoned there.

Damavand Height

The height of the Damavand Mountains from the sea is provided by various sources. The height of the Damavand Mountains, according to the National Statistics Office of Iran, is 5610 m above sea level. The relative height of Damavand Peak, measured by measuring the height of the peak relative to the lowest valley between this peak and the nearest highest peak, is 4661 meters, which places Mount Damavand in the 12th highest relative height in the world.

Cities near Damavand Mountain

The three cities of Tehran, Amol and Damavand are near this mountain. Damavand Mountain is 69 km northeast of the Iranian capital. The beautiful peak is also located 62 kilometers west of Amol city and 26 kilometers north of Damavand.

The Temperature

The minimum temperature in Damavand Peak is as low as 60 degrees Celsius in the cold season, and in the other seasons, the temperatures are as low as one to two degrees below zero. The air pressure in Damavand is half the sea level.

Plant species of Damavand

At different heights of Damavand Mountain, there are many different plants that some of them can only be seen at a certain height. The hillside of Damavand is completely covered with anise. Anemone, which grows at a height of 2500 to 3000 meters in Mount Damavand, is recognized as a unique species of anemone in the world and has been recorded in the world-renowned botanical books by the name of Anemone Lar and Rine.

Damavand is home to animals such as foxes, jackals, ewes, goats, dogs, wolves, rams, boars, and rabbits. Most of Damavand’s animals are birds such as the Golden Eagle, Quebec, Quail, and Bat. The other animals that live in Damavand are about 5 types of snakes, scorpions, bats, rats, and tombs.

Damavand Mountain and Volcano

Damavand is a volcanic mountain with volcanic activity, which is currently limited to sulfur gas sublimation volcanic activity. The last eruption of Damavand was 38,500 years ago and has been dormant volcano ever since. Damavand volcano is about 400 meters in diameter, covered by a lake of ice craters, and there are signs of old craters on the south and north sides of the mountain.

This beautiful mountain in Iran has a national day. On this day, Iranian climbers gather on the slopes of Damavand Peak in the city of Rine Larijan in Amol Duram city and hold a beautiful celebration. It is also worth noting that the Damavand National Day celebration has also reached national record. Damavand Mountain, which stands as a symbol of this land. Damavand this magnificent beloved of Iran’s tall nature is an example of the earth’s attachment to the sky.


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