The land of Iran, with a great variety of climates and its four-season climate, is ready for any friendly traveler all year round.  If you don’t like winter, you can see the fantastic places in the southern part of Iran and if you like to see the snowy part of Iran in winter you can travel to Ski Resort of Iran and spend a great holiday there.

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Qeshm salt cave

Qeshm Cave Complex consists of 3 caves, the longest of which is 6400 meters long, the world’s longest known salt cave, dating from 8 to 9,000 years. The therapeutic effects of salt caves have been proven today.

Valley of the Stars

To the west of Borka Village, in Qeshm Island, Star Valley attracts every viewer with amazing natural sculptures and cuts created by erosion over time. The people of the area believe that in the distant past a star from the sky descended on this spot and formed this valley.

Hengam Island, Hormozgan

If you like a little silver and pink beach and a boat ride with dolphins, you can definitely visit Hengam Island. On this island, people live there with the most basic means of living, no refrigerator, no gas and drinking water is not easily available. The natives live on by making crafts and selling them to tourists.

Apadana Palace, Susa

The palace was built by the Achaemenid king Darius the Great about 500 BC. The walls of the palace are adobe and its pillars are stone. The Apadana’s palace is about 1,434 meters long and was discovered by a French archaeological group in 1880, with most of the discovered objects and pillars and pillars that have been transferred to the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Martian mountains, Chabahar

About fifty kilometers from Chabahar to the port of Goiter on the left side of the road, there are mountain ranges known as miniature mountains or Martian mountains and locally known as “Kalani”. Among these mountains are the species of marine fossils visible indicating that the area was previously underwater.

Lut Desert, Kerman

One of the most famous wonders of this ancient country is the Lut desert. Salt River is the only permanent river that runs deep into the Lut Desert and is full of water throughout the year. The river enters the northern part of Kerman province. The passage of the Shour River can be seen in different parts of the Shahdad route to Nehbandan and crosses the road below. This place is the world’s 27th-largest desert. It inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage in 2016.


Karun Dam, Izeh

The beautiful nature of Izeh City, Karun 3 Dam Lake and Shevand Protected Village in the northeast of Khuzestan province known in the maps as Mangesh have created a dream paradise in this area. The highest peak of Khuzestan province, called “Mangesh”, is also located in this area.

Shushtar Water Mill

Shushtar water mill is an interconnected set of bridges and dams, mills, waterfalls, and huge water-conducting canals and tunnels that work in conjunction with one another during the Achaemenian to the Sassanid era to make more use of water. In the voyage of Madame Jean Diolafoa, the renowned French archaeologist, the site is referred to as the largest industrial complex before the Industrial Revolution.

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