Drive through Iran

If you want to drive in Iran and enter Iran with your own vehicle you must have a carnet de passage, you can have an international carnet de passage or Iranian temporary CDP which allows you to stay in Iran for a limited time


What is the international Carnet de Passage?

International carnet de passage is an ID for your car or motorbike which allows you to enter Iran, you can get international carnet de passage in your home country(if it is available) and it will be excepted in Iran as well. However if you get CDP in your home country you must deposit a lot of money as a grantee which shows you will bring the vehicle back according to the value of your vehicle you should deposit different amount but on average can be about 75% of the value of your car or motorbike

When you have this carnet de passage you can enter Iran but definitely you will be in trouble as Iranian customs can NOT speak English!

Iran carnet de passage


So what’s the solution?

You can contact us and we will send our representative to the border, he will get your carnet de passage and car or motorbike ID and your passport and do the rest of the paperwork, You just need to wait and be patient as it may take time.


How to get Iran Carnet de passage?

Iran tourism center company is proud to provide temporary carnet de passage for travelers who are concerned to drive through Iran. Those who are using our service will also meet our representative at the border and our representative assist them to enter Iran as easily as possible. CONTACT US TO RECEIVE FREE CONSULTANT 



How much is Iran’s temporary CDP?

The price of carnet de passage depends on:

1. The model of your car/motorbike

2. Brand of your vehicle

3. Power engine capacity

4. Value of your car / motorbike

5. Number of days which you want to stay in Iran

6. Entrance and Exit border

If you are going to make a plan to drive through Iran feel free to contact us and ask for the price of your vehicle, just email us or fill up the contact form and wait for our response in 24 hrs.

Keep in mind to get Iran temporary carnet de passage the vehicle must be in your name and you must have an international driver’s license

Having an Iran visa is mandatory for Iran customs to get CDP


Wondering about the approximate prices for the Carnet De Passage?

Here’s an overview of the estimated costs. Please note that these prices are subject to change, and for the exact price, we kindly request you to send us your documents for a personalized quote.

Approximate Prices (valid until the end of 2024):

  • Temporary carnet de passage up to 7 days: Approximately 650 euros for cars and 550 euros for motorbikes.
  • Temporary carnet de passage up to 2 weeks: Around 750 euros for cars and 650 euros for motorbikes.
  • Temporary carnet de passage up to 3 weeks: Roughly 850 euros for cars and 750 euros for motorbikes.
  • Temporary carnet de passage up to 4 weeks: Approximately 900 euros for cars and 850 euros for motorbikes.

Extended Stay: If you plan to stay beyond a month, you will be required to pay for the entire next month. For example, if you want to spend 40 days (one month + 10 days), the total cost would be 1100 euros (650 + 650 euros).

Please note:

  • Prices are subject to change due to different exchange rates in Iran.
  • This information is based on May 2023. For the latest updates and detailed pricing, please contact us directly.

We are here to assist you with the most up-to-date information and provide you with a personalized quote. Get in touch with us to plan your self-driving adventure in Iran.


How to pay for carnet de passage?

The payment process is easy you will pay around 25-35 percent of the price online (which is not refundable) because we will start your carnet process and the rest at the border to our representative in cash according to the agreement.


Is Iran temporary carnet de passage valid for the other country?

No, Iran CDP is fine for Iran and for the next country which you want to go, you need to get another one according to what they ask.


Who can get Iran Carnet de passage?

Anyone who has Iran visa and is eligible to travel to Iran can get Iran CDP.


Can I bring the motorbike of someone else?

No, you are NOT eligible to ride a bike in Iran which is not in your name even if you have power of attorney!

Can I ride a bike or drive a car in Iran which is not in my name but I have power of attorney?

You need to inform us in advance and need to send us the documents of attorney power, we will translate them and pass them to Iran authorities and will let you know if it is possible to come.

Keep in mind this process may cause you additional costs for you



How to get Iran visa?

Iran tourism center company will provide you with an invitation letter which is also known as a visa code and you can go to any embassy of Iran (Which you have chosen before) and get your visa label for more information about visas read here: IRAN VISA


Do I need insurance in Iran for my car or motorbike?

International insurance will be accepted in Iran but according to our experience strongly we recommend you buy Iranian local insurance which is also not expensive. Many tourists traveled to Iran and when they hit problems their international insurance could not cover a lot of things in Iran and also many of them had no representative in Iran as well.

Drive through Iran

How to buy insurance in Iran for a car or a motorbike? How much does it cost?

To buy insurance you easily can CONTACT US and send us your documents we will buy you insurance according to your requests and will send it to our representative at the Iran border and he will give it to you right at the border of Iran at the time of your entrance.

The price of insurance depends on the number of days you will stay in Iran and the value of your vehicle.


But approximately the price for

7 days will be around 50 euro

2 weeks will be around 70 euro

3 weeks will be around 90 euro

 one month’s insurance will cost you about 100 euro


Keep in mind Iran is totally different from all countries which you have been to before and having local insurance can help you to prevent a lot of problems and disasters which may happen to you in Iran, According to our experience when foreign travelers have problems it takes time for international insurance to come and help them and till their international insurance arrive they should stay in detention center via police and they be in trouble. So its always better to observe safety and while you are far from home have peace of mind