Motor driving in Iran

The question is can people drive with their motorbike to Iran?

First of all, you should know Iran driving rule and Iranian government rule is not stable and you should always pay attention to the date of essay which you are reading and I’m writing about the rules of today August of 2019.

The good news is that recently Iranian government lift the limitation for engine capacity of motorbikes and all motorbikes can cross Iran, before that maybe less than a month the motorbikes which had 2500 cc engine capacity weren’t eligible to enter to Iran.

Which border you can enter to Iran with your motorbike?

It all depends on the route that you will choose to drive, and the good news is that you can enter and exit from any land border of Iran.

Which border is the best to cross and is open?

The easiest and the best border which you can cross are mentioned below and our representatives are available in all border to facilitate you

  • Bazargan border which goes to  Turkey
  • Astara border which goes to       Azerbaijan
  • Norduz border which goes to     Armenia
  • Bajgiran border which goes to   Turkmenistan
  • Mirjaveh border which goes to  Pakistan

And again pay attention to check with our experts the recent update about availability to cross the border and situation of your entrance and exit border.

Can the ladies drive motorbikes and have the motor driving in Iran?

Iranian women are not allowed to ride a motorbike and they cant have driver license for the motorbike but foreigners can ride a motorbike in case of to cross the country in limited time.

How many days you are allowed to stay in Iran with your motorbike?

According to the rule you should just cross the country and you cant enter Iran and spend a long time. You should manage your time to cross the country in 10 days maximum.

What documents do you need to have to bring your motorbike to Iran?

To drive through Iran you should book everything in advance.

You need to have your Iran visa, also our company can help you to get your visa.

And for your motorbike, you must have Carnet de passage which again our company can provide it for you.

How to get carnet de passage for your motorbike to enter to Iran?

To provide carnet de passage for your bike which is the identification of your motorbike you should send us documents below:

  • Driver passport
  • driver license
  • documents of your motorbike

And our expert will do all protocol and paperwork and will provide carnet de passage for your motorcycle to cross the border.

what type of driver license do I need for motor driving in Iran?

You must have an international driver license which shows you are eligible to drive motorbike while you send it to us we will translate it to Persian language and will send it to Iranian custom

How much is carnet de passage for a motorbike?

To answer this question we need to have documents of your motorbike and tell you the exact price, after sending us the documents usually after 3 working days our experts will reply you with the exact amount of price.

  • How much the average price for carnet de passage to drive through Iran can be?

The average price for a motorcycle to drive through Iran is between 350 to 550 Euro and it will be different according to the model, type and engine capacity of your bike.

How many days before should I apply for carnet de passage?

we need 5 working days to prepare carnet de passage for a motorbike but its always better to do it as soon as possible and get free consult of our experts.

Do I need a tour guide if I want to ride my motorbike in Iran?

If your nationality is the USA, UK or you are Canadian, Yes you must be guided in Iran if not you don’t need a guide.


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