The most beautiful roads in Iran

The most beautiful roads of Iran in different seasons are a good place to explore and see the beauties of nature. These roads are scattered throughout Iran.

Inland travel, crossing the most beautiful roads of Iran is one of the most attractive parts of the trip. In different parts of Iran, there is a high diversity in climate and vegetation.

This diversity has led to Iran is known as the land of four seasons, and therefore, in all seasons of the year, there is an opportunity to travel to beautiful nature in our country. If you are a fan of land travel, you must have experienced crossing the most beautiful roads in Iran.

Passing through the beautiful roads of Iran in different seasons can create different experiences for you. Along these roads, you can see the most beautiful natural landscapes from dense forests to foggy mountains, sunsets, and endless deserts.

Some of these routes are so beautiful that over time, they have become the main destination of travel and many tourists travel to see the beauty of these roads.

In this article, we will introduce the most beautiful roads in Iran in different parts of the country. These roads are located in different parts of the country and the nature around them is unique. If you are a nature lover, join us and plan to visit your desired destination.

Abbas Abad to Kelardasht Road (Mazandaran Province)

Abbas Abad to Kelardasht road is one of the most beautiful forest roads in Iran, which passes through the Hyrcanian forests of northern Iran.

This part of the forest is known as Abbas Abad forest and the dense cover of trees along this route darkens parts of this road.

The climate of this road is suitable in most seasons of the year and it has better weather than the surrounding areas. This road rises from the mountain in a winding path and then descends.

The most beautiful views of the Abbasabad-Kelardasht road are lush valleys, the sun shining through tall trees, and beautiful summer cottages along the way.

We suggest you lower your car windows on this road and listen to the beautiful music of nature. Watching the amazing nature with the sound of birds can be one of the most beautiful memories of your trip to the west of Mazandaran.

Abbas Abad to Kelardasht road with a distance of approximately 30 km is one of the most popular roads in northern Iran in the west of Mazandaran province and access to it is possible through Chalous and Marzanabad roads and on the other side of Abbas Abad city.

Ardabil to Astara Road (Gilan and Ardabil Provinces)

Ardabil-Astara road is an 80 km long road and passes through the most beautiful green areas in northwestern Iran. This region is located on the border between Gilan and Ardabil provinces, both of which are the greenest provinces in northern Iran.

The reason for the fame of this road is due to the location of Heyran pass along it, which is one of the most beautiful middle passes in Iran.

Along the Ardabil-Astara road, you can enjoy the green and beautiful pastures. The best time to visit this area starts from the end of May and lasts until the end of summer.

If you are interested in traveling on cold days of the year, this route also has indescribable beauties in autumn. In addition to visiting Heyran Pass, you can also plan to see the Hazelnut Forest on the Ardabil-Astara road.

Other prominent natural areas on the Ardabil-Astara road include the Hyrcanian National Park, which covers a large area and is located near the city of Astara.

This protected area is part of the Hyrcanian forests of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is located 20 km before the city of Astara on the border with Iran.

Hyrkan National Park starts from 30 km left to Astara on the west side of the road and continues up to 10 km of this city and its extension extends to Azerbaijan. Ardabil to Astara road is one of the most beautiful road routes in Iran and along with it, you can enjoy beautiful nature.

Asalem Road to Khalkhal (Gilan and Ardabil Provinces)

Asalem to Khalkhal road is one of the most beautiful roads in the northern provinces of the country, which starts from Asalem city in Gilan province and continues to Khalkhal city in the south of Ardabil province.

This road is one of the greenest and rainiest routes in the north of our country and due to its altitude, it has a cold climate. Even on hot summer days, this route has a cool climate, so it is better to have extra clothes to travel on this road.

At the beginning of this road near the city of Asalem, you will encounter a dense cover of trees, which are located on both sides of the winding road, and the sun shines through the leaves of the trees. Along the way, you will reach lush and open plains located at the foot of snowy mountains. Along the way, you will reach lush and open plains located at the foot of snow-capped mountains.

This road, like many forest roads in northern Iran, is largely pristine and has relative facilities. The most prominent attraction of this road is the Diamond Pass, which is located 60 km from Asalem. There are wooden huts to stay in in this area and staying in them can be very memorable.

Spring and summer are the best times to travel on the Asalem-Khalkhal road. In May, the plains of this road are full of anemone flowers and the trees are full of greenery and blossoms.

The villages located on this road are among the most beautiful summers in Iran, and by exploring and walking in them, you will enjoy the many pristine and scenic nature of this region.

There are various mountaineering and forestry routes on this road for those who are interested, so do not rush to cross this beautiful road and be sure to take enough time to explore the pristine nature of this area.

Shahroud to Gorgan Road (Semnan and Golestan provinces)

Shahroud-Gorgan road is also known as Tuskistan road because of its Tuskistan forests. This road is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran with many twists and unique nature.

Along this road, a thick cover of oak and alder trees can be seen, which makes the climate of this road pleasant. After passing through the winding roads near the Tuskestan forest, you will reach the Jahan Nama area and the change in the vegetation of this area will attract your attention.

This area is covered with beautiful juniper trees and has a unique climate. Jahan Nama area is one of the protected areas under the supervision of the Environmental Protection Organization.

Tuskestan forest is doubly beautiful in autumn. The colorful trees of this road attract the attention of tourists in this season. There are many springs and waterfalls around this forest that you can enjoy walking in the forest.

The villages along this road are also among the best summers in northeastern Iran and have many fans. Shahroud-Gorgan road is about 130 km long and is one of the most pristine road routes in Iran.

Chalous Road( Alborz and Mazandaran provinces)

Chalous Road is one of the most famous roads in the north of Iran and due to its proximity to Tehran and also the access route to the northern cities of Iran, especially in Mazandaran province, it is one of the busiest road routes in Iran.

The length of this road is about 160 km and along its winding path, it passes through the greenest forests and the most beautiful mountains.

In different parts of Chalous road, natural attractions, pleasant villages, and beautiful summer areas attract many tourists to this road during different seasons of the year. After the Karaj River, many villages and natural sights are located on Chalous Road, which you can visit by entering the side roads.

Two Thousand forest Road (Mazandaran Province)

Two thousand forest road is one of the most beautiful forest routes in northern Iran, which starts from Shahsavar or Tonekabon and continues to the heart of two thousand forests.

This road rises in a mountainous path covered with green plants and has the most beautiful views of the Caspian Sea and green areas of northern Iran.

Along the forest road, two thousand beautiful rivers will accompany you and the dense trees of this forest will cover your head.

In the middle of this road, there are various forest paths that are the dreamiest paths for nature lovers. If you are interested in forest climbing, with the right tools and professional guidance, you can go into the forest and walk in the high of this forest.

The best time to go to the two thousand forest road is from late summer to the end of the autumn. In spring, this forest has indescribable beauties. In winter, although the weather is cold and rainy; there is no snow. Snowfall is not common in this region and the rains are heavy in winter.

Saravan Road to Fooman (Gilan province)

Saravan-Fooman road is one of the green roads in Gilan province, which is 45 km long and shortens the access of these two cities to each other.

The busiest route in this area is the road that takes Saravan from Rasht to Fooman. Although the second route is longer, it has more traffic due to passing Rasht.

Saravan-Fooman road is one of the greenest roads in Gilan province and there are prominent attractions on this road. On this road, you can visit the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum, which is located in an open area with beautiful nature.

The most important natural attractions on this road are Saravan and Saqalaksar lakes. The best time to travel to the Saravan-Fooman road and visit its attractions is in spring and early summer.

The water of Saravan Lake at this time is filled with a green cover of natural mosses and creates beautiful scenery. This lake is located at the entrance of Saravan Forest Park.

“Saqalaksar Lake” is another attraction of this route, which is a very beautiful place for recreation on this road, especially in spring. In addition to enjoying the natural attractions on this route, you can also enjoy the surrounding green lands, vegetation, and dense trees on this road.

Siahkal Road to Deylaman (Gilan Province)

Siahkal-Deylaman road is one of the side roads in Gilan province, which has very pleasant weather in autumn and spring. However, the beautiful nature of this road becomes very green and spectacular in summer.

If you go to the surrounding heights to see the beauties of this road, you can experience a unique view and cool air. The forest texture of this area is dense and is located on a steep slope.

The best time to visit the Siahkal-Deylaman road and its surrounding attractions are May. At this time, the surrounding plains are covered with yellow and red flowers, and the whisper of water and the song of birds are heard in the air.

The beginning of this road starts from Siahkal with beautiful and dense forests. These forests are covered with fog in the early hours of the day, especially in spring and autumn. At the beginning of the Siahkal-Dilman road, there is “Loonak Waterfall”, around which there is a suitable space for evacuation.

To visit this waterfall, you have to go up the side road. Loonak Twin Waterfall is 6 meters high and easy to access. This route has a beautiful view of the Deylaman area. Other sights on this road include “TT Caravanserai” and “Larikhani Forest”.

If you are interested in forestry, you can reach the mineral water spring by a long walk in Larikhani forest, and by continuing the route, you will reach the plain above the forest.

Hajij Road to Oraman Takht (Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces)

Hajij road to Oraman Takht is one of the most unique roads in Iran, which brings two beautiful villages in Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces along a mountainous route.

The villages of this area have stepped houses and roaring rivers flow around them. Along the road from Hajij to Oraman Takht, you will pass the Rocky Mountains, lush nature, roaring springs, and steep slopes.

This road is one of the most winding roads in Iran and has pristine natural landscapes.  There are two different roads between Hajij and Oraman Takht villages, both of which are beautiful and winding, but one of them is shorter.

Despite the shortness of one of the routes, the long road has more fans due to more beauty and natural attractions. The mountain slopes of this road are filled with colorful flowers in spring and summer. The best time to visit this area is the first 6 months of the year.

Aras Road to Julfa (Provinces of East and West Azerbaijan)

Aras-Jolfa road is one of the border roads of Iran in the northwest of the country and is located between the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan.

This road is located along the Aras River and runs parallel to the Arasbaran forests in the Jolfa region. One side of this road is covered with high mountains and the other side is covered with dense forests. By moving on this road, you can see parts of the pastures of Armenia.

Chabahar Road to Goatar Port (Sistan and Baluchestan Province)

Chabahar road to Goater port is located on the coast of the Makran Sea in southern Iran. This road is about 100 km long and passes through the most beautiful rocky shores of Iran.

This area may not be known from the south of Iran due to its long distance from other parts of the country and lack of sufficient care, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran that will be remembered by you when you visit it.

If you have heard of miniature beaches, you should know that these beaches are located along this road. The beauties of this road start from the west of Chabahar city before entering it and continue to Goater port on the easternmost coast of southern Iran.

At the beginning of this road, you will reach Ramin beach. This beach is located near the pier and “Ramin village” and its sands are covered with shells.

“Lipar Wetland”, whose pink water attracts the attention of many tourists, is located next to the Chabahar road to the port of Goater. Along the Chabahar road to the port of Goatherd, you can see the most beautiful mountains near the sea, which have strange and special shapes due to erosion, and for this reason, they are called miniature mountains.

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