Fun places for the children in Capital

Tehran as the most important city in Iran has a lot of recreational and fun places, where you can enjoy your time. These places are suitable for children and they can have a trip to Iran with full of memory. Here we introduce 6 interesting places for you.

Book Garden

The Tehran Book Garden is designed to satisfy any book enthusiast. Everyone has a habit of buying books, some love the city of books, and others go to a particular bookstore.  Tehran Book Garden is undoubtedly one of the most diverse bookstores you can find in Iran. The immense variety of book gardens as well as places to read in the name of Lamkadeh, the existence of a wide variety of cafes, has made the Tehran Book Garden an attractive collection for book and enthusiasts. Although the collection bears the name of the book, in reality, the Tehran Book Garden is more a cultural place than just a bookstore.

The architecture you face in the Tehran Book Garden is an enormous and calculated architecture. This place is designed to allow anyone to find their own space with any level of cultural need and social status. The facilities of the Tehran Book Garden are beyond your imagination. Tehran Book Garden is a three-story complex with various sections. You should know that the book’s garden blocks are not by category or by specific category and are only divided by northern or southern.

Block A: children and adolescents

Block B: Walk from block A to block C.

Block C: Cinema Campus of Tehran Book Garden and Children’s Science Garden

Block D: Adult Bookstore and Teen Science Garden

Like every other large collection in the world, Tehran Book Garden has its own motto. The motto of the Tehran Book Garden is “Discover, Experience, Learn.” A slogan that expresses the spirit of the Book Garden.

Eram Park (Amusement park)

This is one of the oldest and most memorable amusement parks in Iran.  The park has more than 70 varied and exciting gaming machines. The high variety of entertainment and games like (computer, intellectual and emotional games) have made this sport appealing to all ages. In addition to the open-air amusement park, the indoor amusement park or the magical castle itself hosts visitors. Eram has very good picnic areas. In addition to play equipment, you can sail in Lake Park. You can also be fishing in Lake.

Dolphin park

The Dolphinarium, or Dolphin Park, is located in the Milad Tower in Tehran, the first non-coastal dolphin park in the Middle East. Nowadays a sea lion and two dolphins are kept in the dolphin park of Tehran today and these animals are excited and encouraged by the acrobatic movements of the tourists and visitors. The world’s tallest dolphinarium at the Milad Tower in Tehran as one of the symbols of urban architecture and the world’s sixth tallest telecommunication tower is ready to serve the people. These animals trained by the best trainers in the Middle East. These acrobatic gates encourage tourists to visit them. The dolphins and the Sea lions are trained to take photos, draw paintings, and play the instrumentalist. According to the report, the Milad Tower Dolphin Park in Tehran has provided the capability of marine mammals in the Iranian capital through simulated ocean water technology.

Birds Garden

Today we want to tour the best and largest bird gardens in Iran and visit Tehran’s bird gardens, where you can see a spectacular variety of these beautiful and spectacular creatures, swimming in beautiful white swans, hunting for small fish by the pelicans, standing flamingos on one leg, and enjoyed swimming with colorful geese and ducks with their chicks. You can watch a spectacular collection of 3,000 different bird wings from around the world. Here are the famous birds such as peacocks, ostriches, parrots, eagles, hawks, swans, etc. that you have only seen in wildlife documentaries. One of the best attractions of Tehran’s bird garden is its unique design. Where the cobblestone paths bring beautiful trees and flowers to visitors, and with canopies of wood, straw and canopy, benches and wooden pavilions, Nastaliq road signs, waterfalls and ponds, and small wooden bridges are welcomed.

Chitgar Lake

When it comes to the attractions of the capital, we have many options, but today we are going to Chitgar Lake, one of the newest and most different attractions in Tehran. This area, also known as the Persian Gulf, is located just west of Tehran and enjoys a wide area. This is the largest artificial lake in Iran. There are several exciting recreations such as air skate rides, free jumps, free-fall slides, and more around the lake. One of the most luxurious shopping malls in the capital, Namland, is located around the lake. It is also a perfect place for hiking, cycling and relaxing moments. There are street performances around Chitgar Lake. Chitgar Lake is a great place to have fun for four seasons. You can picnic by the lake in the spring and summer days.

Zhurasik Park

One of the most beautiful and spectacular collections of our prehistoric dinosaurs as well as rare animals of the world have been collected in Jurassic Park in Tehran and are located in a natural environment from the point of view of the environment. Kids and adults as well as families with this group of creatures get a great opportunity to spend a good day with them and shop at specialty stores, make a memorable day. Tehran Jurassic Park is the first educational and theme park in Tehran that is highly welcomed by tourists and visitors. At Jurassic Park in Tehran, you will find a series of prehistoric animals that are animated and appealing to every child and teenager. In Jurassic Park, you get to know these animals one by one and add to your scientific information. In this Garden, Dinosaurs display the scientific name, lifestyle, and diet. These dinosaurs are designed in a completely natural way so that they can blink and move their hands and feet.  Also designed a dinosaur egg from which the dinosaur baby comes out and dips back in.


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