Internet Access In Iran

Internet access SIM card in Iran is very simple. You can easily buy a SIM card in Iran and access to the internet like all over the world. In Iran, the Internet is an important part of Iranians routine life. According to statistics, Iran has by far the highest total number of Internet users in the Middle East, in part due to its more than 80 million strong population. Internet shows another view on Iran to the world. Especially During these years, In Iran, access to internet and speeds of it, greatly improved.

There are multiple ways to access the internet in Iran. The first one is Wi-Fi, with acceptable speed and free, is actually widely available in hotels, hostels, and tourist restaurants. Another way is using Sim-cards data packages. There are two main operators which provide fast internet throughout the country, Hamrahe Aval and Irancell, Read more…

These companies are utilized to 3G and 4G net. In this way, You will have Internet access SIM card everywhere like roads, jungle, and mountain.


How can you buy a SIM card and use the Internet?

It is simple! You can buy a SIM card in Iran from a selling center right after leaving the airplane and insert it into your phone. When u active your SIM card internet will be possible and you’ll be able to keep in touch with your family and friends via the common audio-visual applications.

Do you have full access to overseas TV channels and websites?

There are many sites that are available in Iran but there is internet censorship according to government rules. Many of popular websites are censored like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. If you go around, you will see people using some applications to get around the firewall. It is not complicated so most people use it.

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