Find professional experts and medical doctors in Iran

Iran by its historical reputation in healthcare, knowledgeable and well-known doctors and medical experts, advanced and high quality standard clinics and hospitals and low cost medical services is one of the best destinations for medical tourists.

Iran is one of the top five countries in the world in biotech and nine out of 15 high usage biotech molecules are produced in Iran. So Iran has a great opportunity to attract medical tourists of Islamic and regional countries. Iran has best facilities for heart surgery, plastic surgery and eye surgery. It also produces high-tech drugs.

Health care service centers for tourists

Iran has already produced rules and regulations for tourist health care service centers. Hospitals and clinics that want to offer health tourism services to foreign citizens, need to acquire licences from both the Ministry of Health and Iranian Tourism Organization.

Geographical closeness and cultural and religious similarities have turned Iran into one of the best destinations for the Islamic world, as well as Muslim and other denominations from nearby countries. Iran has a highly educated workforce and is a local leader in scientific and health development.

It has a Health Tourism Committee that has produced rules and regulations for tourist healthcare service centers. So that hospitals and clinics that want to offer health tourism services to foreign citizens need to acquire licenses from both the Ministry of health and the Iranian Tourism Organisation. It also offers health service training to employees of tourism agencies. It encourages hospitals to open international patients wards. Iranian hospitals that hold a medical tourism license from the Ministry of Health arrange airport transfers as well as accommodation. In addition, a nurse can be assigned to each patient.

Erfan Hospital, Tehran

The best provinces for health tourism are:

1. Tehran province: for treating tuberculosis and lung disorders.

2. Khorasan Razavi: for ophthalmology, skin care, heart surgery and orthopedics.

3. Fars: for liver, kidney and marrow transplants.

4. Yazd: for treating infertility.

5. Qom: for its sun and desert potential.

6. Hamedan, Ilam and Zanjan: as centers of herbal medicine.

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