Tehran Jewels Museum

Tehran has a lot to offer to visitors who spend as little time as possible in this crowded capital city. National Jewels Museum is one of them. National Jewels Museum is a stunning place for people who are looking for some more perspective about the history of Iran.

The pieces of jewelry show the glory, power, wealth and art of Iranians. From Pahlavi coronation to all diamond Naderi throne reminds you how magnificent and rich is this country.

Famous jewels

National Jewelry Museum will shock you by the types of pieces of jewelry and the size of them. Some of the most valuable items in the world are here, the most famous of which is Daryaye Nour. It is the biggest pink diamond in the world with 182 (Carats). The Peacock Throne or Takhte Tavous which was built during the reign of Fathali Shah consisted of 12 different pieces joined together. A golden globe (atlas) of Naseredin Shah, with34 kg of pure gold, having 51366 pieces of jewels and weighing 3656 grams. There are other special ones here.

Location of National Jewelry Museum

The location of this museum is different from others. Its the situation is inside the Central Bank Of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Ferdowsi Avenue.

The museum is open to the public from 14:00 to 16:00 except on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Limited openings and tight security mean you should plan your visit in advance. Leave all of your belongings at reception, and keep your hands to yourself

This museum is amazing because of the luxurious and wonderful collection of jewelry assembled in this place. it is a must go place to see all the jewels that brought to Iran during centuries.