Restrooms in Iran

Restrooms in Iran: When you want to travel abroad, there are some important things to know about their culture and their country especially about public places like restaurant, restroom, etc. This article is going to talk about the restroom in Iran.

Iran is an Islamic but non-Arab country so their culture is almost identical.

Iranian toilets are not the same as western toilets, here we use squat toilets. We use a squat toilet but you can find a western toilet in houses and hotels as well.

Squat toilets are more common in public places. Iranian toilet has its own problems but it is one of the cleanest toilets in the world.

It’s good to know that in Iran the toilets are separated due to Islamic culture and you can easily recognize because it has the sign for each as the picture you can see below.  Even in Persian, you can read the two words: for men آقایان for women بانوان

Toilet facilities in Iran, especially in the roads, bus terminals, even airports, don’t have your standard toilet seats and one must squat and do it. There are many different ways to clean oneself after using the toilet, it depends on national resources. In Iran, the custom is to use water, either with or without toilet paper. No toilet papers in most of the public places, they have water which you can use to wash.  If you really need the toilet paper it is better to have it with yourself and sometimes it is good to have a small soap for washing your hands.

I advise western travelers and all the tourists to relieve themselves especially before getting on the bus or car and avoid drinking too many liquids if you think you’ll be needing bathrooms afterward, but if on the way to your destination you need the toilet, you can find it in most of the gas stations and don’t forget to have a small amount of money (less than a dollar of half of a dollar) for using the restroom.

In hotels, sitting toilets are provided for tourists and foreigners.

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