Iran Visa Rejection Reasons


Are you planning to visit Iran and wondering why your visa application might get rejected? Many tourists find it confusing and frustrating when their Iran visa is refused without a clear explanation. To help you understand the common reasons for visa rejection and avoid them, we have compiled a list of 10 key factors to consider when applying for an Iran visa.



1. Providing False Travel Documents

If you intentionally or accidentally submit false travel documents, your visa application will be promptly rejected. It’s essential, to be honest and provide accurate information.


2. Passport Validity

Ensure that your passport has a minimum of 6 months validity remaining from your planned return date from Iran. Failing to meet this requirement will result in visa refusal.


3. Unclear Scanned Photo or Passport Copy

When uploading your digital passport image and scanned photo, make sure they are clear and easily readable. Uploading unclear images can lead to visa rejection.


4. Clearly Stating Travel Purpose

Clearly indicating your reasons for traveling to Iran is crucial for visa approval. If you’re an athlete, apply for a sports visa. If your purpose is business or trade-related, apply for an Iran Business visa. Clearly state your intentions in the visa application form.


5. Matching Travel Itinerary with Requested Visa Duration

The duration of your requested visa should align with your travel itinerary. If you apply for a 30-day visa, provide a corresponding 30-day itinerary. Inconsistencies may lead to visa rejection.


6. Past or Current Criminal Actions

Your past and current circumstances, including criminal actions, play a significant role in the visa application outcome. If your actions are deemed a threat to public policy, internal security, or public wealth in Iran (such as terrorism, drug abuse, child abuse, addiction, or other serious crimes), your visa may be rejected.


7. Media-related Employment

Working in the media can make obtaining an Iran visa more challenging. Journalists, press photographers, and government workers are prohibited from entering Iran as tourists. They should apply for an Iran press visa, providing additional information such as a CV, social media pages, passport copy, visa application forms, photo for verification, hotel reservation, and flight information.


8. Political Background

Having a political background can also be a reason for a failed Iran visa application.


9. Citizenship of the UK, US, and Canada

Citizens of the UK, US, and Canada have different visa application processes. They cannot apply for a visa individually and must have a tour package through eligible Iranian travel agencies, such as IRAN TOURISM CENTER.


10. Israeli Citizenship

Citizens of Israel are not permitted to visit Iran under any circumstances. If you are not from Israel but have traveled there before coming to Iran, ensure at least one year has passed since your trip. Applying for a visa immediately after your visit to Israel increases the likelihood of rejection.


What to Do if  Your Iran Visa is Denied?

Receiving a visa rejection doesn’t mean you have lost your chance of obtaining a visa. You can still explore alternative options. Here are two steps to consider:


1. Reapply through the Iran Visa Portal

If the rejection is due to incorrect information or travel documents, you can reapply through the Iran Visa Portal. Take your time to carefully fill out the visa application, ensuring compliance with all requirements and regulations. You can reapply 24 hours after the initial rejection.

2. Apply through an Iranian Travel Agency LIKE US!

In some cases, when your visa is refused, you may receive a message or email suggesting you apply through an Iranian travel agency. If you receive such a notification, wait for 24 hours and then apply again through a travel agency.


Iran warmly welcomes visitors from around the world, and the visa process has become more streamlined than ever. At IRAN TOURISM CENTER, our expert visa team is dedicated to facilitating quick visa processing with a high rate of approvals. If your Iran visa has been rejected or if you want to prevent rejection, our experts are here to review your documents, generate your travel itinerary, and assist you in applying for an Iran tourist visa. Contact our Iran visa experts for any further questions or assistance you may need.