Kandovan, the world’s last cave village

Kandovan is a cave village in Sahand Rural District, In the central district of Osku county, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. This ancient village belongs to around 7000 years ago. It is one of the third rocky villages of the world and it is the only rocky village in the world which still has local residents. Around 117 families are living in this amazing village. It is unbelievable in the 21st century you can see an old village with a deep culture and difficult conditions and people who are still living there.

Forget Cappadocia in Turkey and come and visit Kandovan in Iran

From the outside, the scenery of Kandovan looks something similar to Cappadocia in Turkey. the houses are carved inside a rock. There are homes which are carved in the mountain. These homes require minimum heat in the winter and remain cool in the summer. There are homes, shops, and a hotel so there is no problem to stay there. You can buy souvenirs such as nuts, honey and medicinal plants which are all natural and organic.

How can you go to Kandovan?

Kandovan is a village in 2 hours distance from Tabriz city. If you visit Tabriz make sure to visit this ancient village as well. You can take a taxi near Golestan park in Tabriz and go to Sahand city. Then when you arrive at Sahand city, there are taxis to Kandovan. One day or a semi-day is enough to visit this village. You can stay in local houses for one night or at the five-star hotel of Kandovan.

Our suggestion is it is better to stay over-night and absorb the full experience. Climb the mountain, enjoy the view, hang with the locals when the village is not busy at all. Most of the people in Kandovan are friendly and they invite you to visit their home and their lifestyle.

The village is all about architecture, nature and amazing things that you will face. A must go to the village!