Mongol Rally IRAN 2024-2025 / IRAN CARNET DE PASSAGE

If you want to do Mongol Rally in Iran in 2019 we are the people who can help you with all you might need to travel to Iran, Here are some tips for doing a Mongol Rally in Iran and finding an easy way to enter Iran with your own car or motorbike.

1. What is the Mongol Rally?

The Mongol Rally is an intercontinental car rally that begins in Europe and ends in Ulan UdeRussia. The Mongolia Charity Rally … read more

2. How can we provide our visa to do Mongol rallies in Iran?

Depending on your nationality you can provide your visa online but if you are a British citizen and just have a UK passport or you are from the US you must have a hotel reservation and must have a guide in Iran and then you can ask for Visa for more information you can contact us. 

3. How can we provide carnet de passage to enter Iran?

It’s very simple just contact us and our expert will consult you Depending on which border you want to enter the country they will give you the quote and you will meet our representative at the border, and they will do all the things which you need.

4. Can we drive our own car in Iran?

Yes, If you have an international driver’s license and carnet de passage in Iran, it will be OK. If you want a budget tour and you don’t want to spend money on carnet du passage in Iran there is a chance to provide temporary carnet de passage at the Iranian border which is good just for Iran and you will pay money according to the model of your car and duration of your stay.

5. Is Iran a safe place to drive?

absolutely YES.

Iran is one of the safest countries in the world if you know where to go What do to and how to behave.

6. Can girls do the Mongol Rally in Iran?

There are some rules in Iran like everywhere in the world if you observe them correctly you will have no problem in Iran and you will just enjoy this beautiful country pay attention women are allowed to drive in Iran.

7. Is there any guide for Mongol Rally tours in Iran for ladies?

We have a team that can provide you with everything to do your Mongol rally in Iran from A to Z, also there are some girls in our team who are licensed and experts in the same field and they are highly recommended for the ladies who want travel to Iran as a solo traveler.

8. Can we camp in Iran?

If you are not from UK and USA you can camp but we suggest you instead of camping try the budget hotels for more safety for more information you can contact us

9. How can we have a budget tour for the Mongol Rally?

If you can come to Iran with a group we can offer you some good quotes for more information you can contact us

Quotes can be different in the number of people and services that they want.

10. Which border is the easiest and cheaper price to enter?

The best border to cross Iran will be from Armenia to Iran then Turkmenistan which means from the Nourduz border to Bajgiran.

The second good option can be from Azerbaijan to Iran and then Turkmenistan which means from the Astara border to Bajgiran.

The third option and almost the last option which is the hardest and most expensive one is from Turkey to Iran and then Turkmenistan it means from the Bazargan border to Bajgiran, this border is crowded usually and many people want to cross from this border so if you can manage your time it’s the best to choose the other options if not you can contact us and we will provide you whatever you need to waste less time there.

11. Mongol rally route in Iran?

First of all, we should inform you are free to explore Iran’s roads but we offer you to enter from Azerbaijan and cross Rasht -Tehran – Babol – Bajgiran if you have more time you can add Isfahan to your itinerary still all depends on your duration of stay in Iran we can arrange some other beautiful city like Shiraz and Yazd to have stayed in.

feel free to contact our experts about tailor-made itineraries we always can offer you the best in Iran.

12. How much the Carnet de passage (CDP) of Iran will cost?

The cost of Carnet De Passage in Iran all depends on which border will you enter the country and how many days you want to stay, but we can provide you with the best quote. for more information contact us.

13. Where can I get Iran carnet de passage?

We can provide you with temporary Iran carnet de passage right at the border, just pay attention that it takes some hours and you should be patient while your Iran carnet is going to be ready.

14. How can I pay for Iran carnet?

Due to the Iran sanctions payment methods will be different please contact our team and our experts will guide you on how you can transfer the money.

15.Need to know how to get fuel in Iran and about gas and petrol stations?

Click on IRAN FUEL BLOG to get your complete information about Iran fuel.

16. What is Carnet de passage en douane?

The carnet de passage en douane ( CDP) is customs documents that identify a driver’s motor is required in order to take a vehicle into the significant but diminishing number of the country around of the world. The carnet can be thought of as the passport of your car. It offers a guarantee to a foreign government that the vehicle identified in the carnet will be removed from the country within a time limit.

17. Who needs Carnet de passage?

All foreigner who arrives in Iran border with their own car or motorbike will need to have carnet de passage and a valid international driver permit (IDP). we can assist you to get carnet de passage in all Iranian land border.


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