Where is Shushtar?

Shushtar is an ancient and very special city in Khuzestan province in the southwest of Iran. It is approximately 831 kilometers away from Tehran and 92 kilometers away from Ahvaz. Shushtar is famous for its deep history and civilization which is famous as the world’s capital city of water structures.

Why you should visit Shushtar?

Shushtar is known for its the complex historical hydraulic system that is a masterpiece which belongs to Darius the great in the 5th century B.C. In fact during the Sassanid era, huge and complex water facilities were built in this city. These days they are the largest water museum in the world. This system has different parts which contain bridges, canals, and tunnels which is still in use providing water to the city. UNESCO listed Shushtar as World Heritage sites in 2009 that is also Iran’s 10th cultural heritage site on the United Nation’s list. This amazing structure on Karun which is the only navigable river of Iran produces a photogenic environment of water cascading over cliffs which you shouldn’t loose during your travel to Iran.

Shushtar’s people and culture

This city is a good place to visit the local people. Walking throw streets and talk with them. They will be eager to talk to the tourists and you can enjoy their pure hospitality. Most of the inhabitants are Arabian and they are really nice and kind. You can enjoy the traditional architecture of this city while you are walking throw. It has a special texture and the traditional architecture of this city is compact. Narrow alleys and tall walls and tight passages all end to the main streets of the city.