Wind Catcher: Persian Cooling System

The wind is an important factor in architecture. It is a sign to factor in urban design and in particular in cities with hot and dry weather. Many years ago Persian architects made the first wind catchers so Wind catchers or wind towers are the symbols of Persian civilization. It is a tower which placed on the top of the roof and works as an air conditioner. They pull hot air and change it to cool air. Persian architects made this wind towers all by their hands and with natural materials like clay and wood.

The form of Windcatchers is four directional orientation in order to use all of the desirable winds from east to west and from north to south. Local architects have made wind catchers by bricks and wood. Most of them are four or eight-sided. The high-temperature wind goes throw wind catcher and after passing water ponds which are in the structure of wind catcher become cool and then make the building’s weather cooler.

Famous wind catchers

Yazd has the most numbers of them in Iran. In some years ago you could see wind catchers on the top of all houses. Today Yazd is famous in the city of wind towers. The most advantages of these wind catchers are they change hot weather of Yazd into the cool and pleasant weather.

The tallest wind catcher is in Dolat Abad Garden in Yazd. Persian architects built it around 270 years ago and it is famous in the world. It is 33.80 meters which make it tallest one. It is 8 sided wind tower. As a result, wind moves easily and when it blows to the surface of the water, it creates a cool air inside it.

Tallest Wind Catcher in Dolat Abad Garden

Wind towers structure shows how professional were Persian architects. Many years ago by the power of brain, they used natural materials and created the first air conditioner of the world! So during your travel to Iran don’t lose these breathtaking towers.