The oldest creature in Iran is Abarkooh Cypress tree which located in Yazd province.

Do you know the second alive creature of the world is in Iran?

The Cypress of Abarkooh is a cypress tree in Abarkouh, Yazd province. Russian scientist Alexander Rouf has estimated the age of this tree is over four thousand years old. People believe that Abarkooh is the oldest living being in Asia.

This valuable tree is hugely big. The height of cypress is 25 meters and the perimeter is 11.5 meters. There is a fairytale about this tree, people believe that the tree is first planted by Zoroaster.

How important is cypress for Iranians?

The cypress has been a holy tree from ancient times between Iranians. It is a symbol of power and endurance. Iranians believe that when You plant this tree you will see good positive vibes in your life. So during history, Iranians always try to keep the cypress trees safe during the war. Because of this belief and the importance of it, Iranians use it in all aspect of art and architecture. You can see the symbolic picture of cypress in all handicrafts like Persian carpet, tiles, and dishes.

How can you reach to Abarkooh cypress tree?

On your way from Yazd to Shiraz, there is a village which name is Abarkooh. The village is located in the altitude of 1510 meters. It is famous because of this majestic tree. There are beautiful pomegranate gardens nearby and there are ice houses and maze shape alleys in Abarkooh which belong to Qajar dynasty. You can stop in the village and enjoy visiting this amazing tree.

You can enjoy the kindness and hospitality of people in this village. There are some traditional restaurants and cafe near the cypress. You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and also you can try delicious tradition stew at restaurants.

Here you can watch the video of this cypress tree

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