Have an amazing winter in Iran’s ski resorts

skiing and Snowboarding in Iran

There are famous ski resorts in Iran so Winter in Iran can be so exciting. Most famous Iran’s ski resorts are placed near Tehran. Tehran’s major ski resorts are ‘Dizin’, ‘Tochal’, ‘Shemshak’, ‘Darbandsar’ and ‘Abali’.They provide facilities and ski equipment for ski lovers and there are training sites in these resorts. The good time to do ski in Iran is November till mid-May. In this season the country is a gigantic playground full of virgin powder field for ski touring.

Why you should come to Iran in winter and being with Iran Tourism Center?

If you think Iran is a country which is full of deserts, you are totally wrong! Mountains are Iran’s hidden secret! Iran is a paradise for ski lovers and boasts some of the best skiing in the world.
The highest peak of Iran is Mt Damavand at 5,609m (18,403 ft) and all resorts are located above 2000m, so they’re very snow sure and the snow quality is excellent. Of course, you can go even higher by ski touring. If you choose to ski in winter in Iran, Iran Tourism Centre will make all the necessary arrangements. We will provide everything you need for a once-in-a-lifetime ski experience.

Iran’s best ski destinations

1) Dizin

Dizin is placed 120km north of Tehran and reaches an altitude of 3,600 m. It also has smaller and easier hikes for skiers and boarders beginning to dabble in backcountry terrain. Overall, it is best for intermediates. It is by far the biggest resort in Iran. This Ski Resort is recognized by the International Ski Federation and is home to many international competitions. Dizin is the liveliest of the resorts and is where the younger, progressive-thinking and upper-class north Tehranis go to unwind on their weekend. If you are going to stay overnight up on the mountain, this is the best place to do so.

2) Shemshak and Darbandsar

Along the way to Dizin, you will find another ski area where two resorts are located next to each other – Darbandsar and Shemshak. They are around 90 minutes from Tehran. Dizin is another 35 minutes on from Shemshak when the road is open. Shemshak is around 5km from Darbandsar or 10 minutes. Runs here are between 2,550m to 3,050m.
Shemshak has two main lifts which are double chairs. Darbandsar is a little smaller than Shemshak with just one main lift. Darbandsar is the only one of the Iranian resorts with snowmaking – the others rely on natural snow.

Shemshak ski resort

3) Tochal


Tochal is the highest ski resort in Iran. Touchal which is accessible easily by cable car directly from north of Tehran. It is the highest but the slope is shorter. To get up, you take two cable car – one which takes around 30 minutes and one which takes around 15 minutes.
This is definitely the smallest of the four resorts as it has just two lifts servicing a small area which is mostly beginner terrain. While there is a bit of in-bound hiking you can do to access some steeper terrain, there is not that much backcountry to be done here. This resort is good for convenience and price, but the better terrain is found at the other resorts.
Tochal hotel serves the ski lovers for about 7 to 8 months throughout the year while the slopes are covered with the snow.

Tochal resort and Tochal hotel

4) Ab Ali

Ab-Ali Ski Resort is the first ski slope to have installed mechanical ski lifts in Iran in 1953, located 70 km northeast of Tehran on Haraz Road; moreover, it is the closest ski resort to Mt. Damavand, with nice slopes for the beginner and intermediate skiers.
This small slope is the birthplace of modern ski and the base of winter sport in Iran. It has a training site with skilled coaches giving a good opportunity for newcomers to learn ski, it also has some stalls which rent ski gears at a low price; the entrance ticket to the ski resort is cheap.
Having many traditional restaurants and recreational facilities have made this place a touristic zone and appropriate for you to visit.


“Skiing in Iran can be an unforgettable experience in a country full of unique views and adventure, Iran Tourism Center is ready to be with you in this experiment”

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