How to pass from Iran land border?

During Covid19 and Omicron pandemic a lot of people who wanted to enter Iran had to stop behind the door of the land borders of Iran.

Most of the time is possible to fly to Iran but for the tourists who are traveling to Iran by their own private vehicle is not possible.


How long should tourists wait till the land border be open?

Officially Iranian government announced land borders are closed for 15 days but it can be extended if the pandemic rate and the number of affected cases go up!

So we can mention no exact date.

Who can travel from the land border during this time?

Just the tourists who have health invitation codes and the people who have permission from official travel companies can travel to Iran.


How to get an invitation from a travel agent to pass the land border?

It’s easy! You just need to contact us and our experts will guide you on how you can get an invitation letter and come to Iran with a land border or earthier flying border also we can provide you health visa which is also called a Darman visa.


Who is the best candidate to use our service?

especially drivers and tourists who are traveling by their own car can enjoy our service



How many days do you need to get a visa?!

It all depends on the type of visa that you have for the regular visa we usually do it in 3 working days and for a health visa it usually takes 5 working days


Did you get stuck in Turkey? Azerbaijan? Turkmenistan? Pakistan? Armenia?

No worry! we assist you to get your visa as soon as possible


To get more information about the price of the Iran visa code and learn how to apply for a visa authorization code visit



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