What Is Sadeh Festival?

Sadeh is a very ancient Festival. It is a special day which is exactly 50 days before Nowruz (Persian new year). The fire was always holy for Iranians. They believe that in this day King Hushang discover the fire in the mountain. They believe after Sadeh the weather changes and weather will get warm.

How does this ceremony hold?

Some days before Sadeh date people gather together and they choose the place of this festival. They collect firewood and gather them. In the afternoon of Sadeh day the festival begins. They say prayers and turn around the fire. After that, they turn the fire on. The huge mess of firewood starts burning and It takes around us. People are happy on this special day and Youth jump on the fire. They believe that this fire kills the coldness.

Where can you see this festival?

You can see Sadeh in many cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Ahvaz. But Yazd https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yazd and Kerman https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kerman are the most famous cities in Sadeh festivals. In Kerman after this festival farmers take fire ash and use it on their farm. They believe this ash is very good for their land. Each year in Kerman and Yazd more than 2000 people take part in this festival. This population makes this ancient festival unique!