Shahrdari Square in Rasht

Shahrdari Square is the most famous landmark of Rasht. It is the heart of Rasht and it is in the middle of Rasht’s map.  Some architects from Russia built this square more than 100 years ago. There are some famous buildings in this square which are white: Municipality building, post office building, and Iran hotel. The architecture of these buildings is different from other buildings in the city. It is kind of Neoclassic style which belongs to European countries. This square was overcrowded and always with heavy traffic. Two years ago municipality of Rasht decided to turn this square into a non-vehicle square.

After regeneration of this square, it becomes more and more popular. Tourists and people from other cities of Iran come to visit this square more than the past. Now it is the most important tourist attraction of Rasht.

What Can You Do In Shahrdari Square?

You can seat or walk in this old square and visit Rashti people who are famous in Iran for their special lifestyle. Shops are open during the night. People enjoy the nightlife. They talk and walk and laugh. You can buy a kebab and enjoy its taste. Then you can drink a cup of pure tea. Just imagine how amazing is this experience!

There are cultural festivals, musical groups, and theater in this city center. There are shops, restaurants, cinemas, and hotels in this square. So enjoy the cheerful atmosphere!