What is Persian Garden?

Persian Garden is a special design of garden which is originally from Iran. Persian Garden or Pardis is not just about design. It is an important philosophy. Iranians created it and has expanded to other countries.

Mahan Garden. Kerman

What is Persian Garden’s elements?

Persian Garden has three main elements and unique design. The first one is water. Second one is tall walls. There are walls around the garden. So it isn’t an open garden.The third one is a building which is in the middle of garden. Iranians created this enclosed garden for special purpose. They wanted to have a private garden for protected relaxation. Persian Garden always divided into four parts. Water is the most important element. This garden is symbol of Paradise. Visiting a green garden in the middle of this hot country, with the sound of water can be an unforgettable experience.

Fin Garden. Kashan

Persian Gardens which are registered in the UNESCO so far:

1. Ancient garden of Pasargade

2. Eram Garden, Shiraz

3. Chehel sutun, Isfahan

4. Fin Garden, Kashan

5. Abbas Abad Garden, Behshahr

6. Shazdeh Garden, Kerman

7. Dolat Abad Garden, Yazd

8. Pahlavan Pour Garden, Mehriz

9. Akbariyeh Garden, Birjand