There is nothing more refreshing than Iranian cold Drinks, called Shabbat, in hot spring and summer days of our country.

When you spend a day out in the first half of the year at some cities especially in central Iran, you will find out that it is impossible to go on without a proper drink to quench the thirst.

Instead of drinking six bottles of ordinary drinks such as energizers or colas, you can localize your drinking style by having traditional Iranian drinks!

Sour orange juice

In spring, the sour orange trees are just beginning to blossom, then in fall and winter, they fruit. The sour orange blossom that in Persian is called (BAHAR NARENJ) is very popular in the perfection and making of essential oils, seasonal drinks, and flavors.

In May, the orange spring inspires each passerby in Shiraz, and it brightens the places up.

The orange sour juice is warm in nature and is a tonic of body and soul that it affects the nervous system and reduces migraine headaches. It is also useful for controlling heart attacks and eliminating hiccups.


It is helpful for insomnia and sleeping problems,

in order that you can drink some sour orange juice

or brew it and serve it before bedtime.

Sekanjabin with Cucumber

It is one of the oldest Iranian drinks, served especially in summers, which you can easily make it in your home wherever you are.
Some make sekanjabin with honey, some with sugar. You can also add mint to it.


Summer is a hot season, and the hot weather lacks humidity and the possibility of getting dehydrated is high. That’s why you need a drink to satisfy your thirst. Instead of drinking six bottles of ordinary drinks such as energizers or colas you drink an Iranian drink called Khakshir.

It is a very refreshing Iranian summer drink. It should be emphasized that this drink is known as a thirst quencher during hot summer days. Khakshir has the tiniest reddish-brown seeds that sit at the bottom of a glass of water. By stirring your drink, the seeds start to move around and float up to the surface of the water. By taking a sip of it, these tiny seeds will play with your tongue and refresh your throat. Good quality Khakshir should be free of any dirt and soil. Khakshir is obtained in mountain areas such as Lorestan, Kermanshah, Azarbayejan, and the like.


In addition, besides its thirst quenching benefit, you can serve it for its medicinal purposes without adding any sugar or ice cubes. This drink can be interpreted as a deliciously soothing drink with many health benefits. That is to say, Khakshir drink is a natural and herbal liver detox. It is also known to improve the skin and reduce fever among many other benefits. Moreover, daily drinking of this mixture is very helpful for the disposal of kidney stones. By the way, Khakshir is so appetizing for thin people and it can be useful for the stomach.

Tokhm-e Sharbati

It literally means “seed for sharbat” and it is called basil seed in English. They have many health benefits as in reducing food craving and blood pressure as well as having a high amount of omega-3. It is very much alike Khakshir in terms of making and benefits that you can find both in Latin food section if you are not in Iran or in attari((herbs and spices shop) if you are in Iran.

Saffron Sharbat


I have written about saffron in my previous posts which you can find out about by clicking on the hyperlink.

Taste, aroma and healing abilities of saffron or so-called “red crimson” is a main advieh (spice) of Persian cuisine.

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