Qur’an Gate

Qur’an Gate: Shiraz, an enchanting and beautiful city with many natural, historical and cultural attractions that take time to enjoy all of its part one by one. The friendly and hospitable people of Shiraz also multiply the pleasure of being in this city and make the city feel more pleased with the special amenities they have in welcoming travelers and tourists. People who have been around for centuries have cultivated this good character, welcoming them well and making them happy. One of these architectural symbols is the gates that were used to greet guests in the corner of the city. The most famous gate that existed in the city in the past and is still in existence is the Qur’an Gate of Shiraz. One of Iran’s most famous and beautiful city gates, located at the entrance to Shiraz.


The gate was originally built at the time of Azad al-Dawlah Dilmi and contained a Qur’an to commemorate its passers-by. During the Zandiyah period, Karim Khan Zand rebuilt the gate and added a room above it and placed two volumes of the exquisite Great Qur’an in the upper chamber of the Sultan Ibrahim bin Shahrokh Timur. These Quran, known as My Seventeen Quran, have now been transferred to the Pars Museum from the Quran Gate. The Quran Gate was heavily damaged by the earthquake in the Qajar period, which was repaired by Mohammad Zaki Khan Nouri. This building has also been called the Quran arch in the past.  During the first few days of the month, people left the city and passed under the arch. In 1936 it was destroyed by Reza Khan’s order.

Symbol of the tomb of Cyrus the Great

The outline of the Quran Gate is a symbol of Cyrus the Great’s tomb. The materials used are stone and cement, traditionally made and slightly tiled to the north and south. The gate of the Qur’an has one large aperture in the middle, and two small apertures on either side. At the west entrance, there is a staircase to the room above the gate.  This room has three tiled lattice windows on each side and holds a Holy Quran.

Destruction and reconstruction of the Quran gate of Shiraz

This gate was built in 1948. Before that, there was an old gate, commanded by Amir Azad al-Dawlah Dilmi, made of stone and mortar, with a Qur’an on it for the caravans’ health. By 1936, the convoys were traveling under the gate, but due to the ever-increasing number of motor vehicles, the gate was narrow and dangerous, especially for trucks. So the Shiraz municipality destroyed it with dynamite to pave the way for cars to move. The destruction of the gate caused concern for the people of Shiraz, as they believed that they had passed through the gates in the first days of every lunar month, especially in the days of Zandiyah, to ensure their one-month health by resorting to the Quran. So 12 years later, a businessman in Shiraz named Haj Hussein Igar, known as Etemad Tajjar, built the current gate and set up a Qur’an to address the concerns of the Shiraz people. The current gateway till 1986 was a place of commuting.

Quran Gate One of the ancient symbols of Shiraz

With increasing traffic, they filled the gorge in the same year and built a large, two-way boulevard on the surface, which is still the main motorway crossing. The Quran Gate, as one of the ancient symbols of Shiraz, has a global reputation. A great deal of landscaping has been done in the area over the past decade. There is also a large field to the south of the gate that the evergreen peacock doubles its beauty. the Quran Gate is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Shiraz and newcomers to this city.


They believed that the word of Allah Majid would protect them from any calamity until the end of the month. The two Qurans, so-called Seventeen Qur’an, are now in the interest of fans at the Pars Museum of Shiraz and are considered one of the masterpieces of writing the Muslim World Book. The Quran Gate of Shiraz is next to the cradle-to-shore promenade and the tomb of Khaju Kermani, one of our country’s famous poets, and many tourists take sweet memories with the photograph taken alongside this monument. Quran Gate is an Iranian Islamic building with its own architecture at the entrance to Shiraz.

Among the Quran gates that exist and exist in Iran, the Quran Gate of Shiraz is of particular importance both in terms of antiquity and in terms of popularity.

Why the Quran Gate of Shiraz?

  • At first glance, the Qur’an gate may not be close to the other important historical attractions of Shiraz, but it is good to know that visiting this small but pleasant monument and the surrounding area will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your trip.
  • Going to Kerman’s tombstone is one of the things you can do while visiting here.
  • The garden around the gate of the Quran is very safe, do not forget to visit this historical site while browsing.
  • Watch cars and people pass by on top of the garden, drink tea and eat ice cream and Shiraz’s famous Falude around the Quran Gate.
  • The gate of the Quran at night is very spectacular because of its colorful lights.

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