Best Iranian Traditional Desserts

Most tourists who come to Iran are usually the first thing they see on the menu is Kebab and chicken. But what really catches everyone’s eye is that Iran has unique pastries and traditional desserts that tourists usually like. Desserts such as Zulbia and Bamie and Shole Zard (yellow dessert) are the best Iranian among desserts. In addition, tourists are wondering why many of the foods cooked in Iranian homes are not found in restaurants or why desserts are not a regular option on the menu. Here are 7 top Iranian desserts that are popular with foreign tourists.

Shole Zard (yellow dessert)

The interesting thing about this dessert is that foreign tourists identify it with the concept of “gift”. Tourists are usually very curious when they see someone giving this one of the best Iranian desserts and ask questions about this custom and find it interesting. However, with all this in mind, Shole Zard is one of the most delicious Iranian desserts made from a combination of rice, water, saffron, rose water, sugar and….


Certainly one of the best desserts in Iran is a cookie. This confectionery which has different ingredients like cinnamon, sugar, walnut, etc. is found almost in different regions of Iran which have a different texture. In Kerman, for example, there is a pancake called Kolampeh which has dates and other ingredients inside it or another famous pancake is the Fuman cookie. Tourists who come to Iran love to eat a pancake with tea, which is usually served in the evening.

Traditional ice cream

There are a variety of ice creams around the world that appeal to those who love dessert. But traditional ice cream said to be made in the 80s by a man named Akbar Mashti, is one of the most famous desserts foreigners love. Blend vanilla saffron ice cream with pistachio roses and be sure to make you happy, but not as much as the frozen ice cream slices. Foreigners usually learn how to eat traditional ice cream. This ice cream is served with bread.


It is interesting that foreign tourists initially think that Faludeh is a kind of noodle. One tourist said that after I ate Faladah, I was puzzled about how to live without it. This is the first city, Shiraz that comes to our mind when we said Falude. This dessert is most popular in the summer, which can be squeezed with a little fresh lemon juice and free from heat.


Iran’s halva is different from other places in the Middle East. Lightly roasted white flour and ingredients such as sugar rose and saffron gives it a special dessert that will never be forgotten. While this dessert is mostly made on special occasions, it has proven its place among the best Iranian desserts for tourists.

Zulbia and Bamieh

Usually, we Iranians buy this dessert more often during the holy month of Ramadan. But for foreign tourists, this dessert should always be eaten. Zulbia is usually made from a combination of ingredients such as flour, yogurt, oil, baking soda, and saffron. Mix the starch and yogurt, add the oil, and when the liquid is done, add the water, rosemary, and sauté. Bamieh also has sugar, water, rose water, saffron and more.


Date trees, especially along the Persian Gulf and warmer regions of southern Iran, are abundant, and Rainbow (Ranginak) is one of the best Iranian desserts made in the south of the country by dates. The soft dates are tested with walnuts and then stuffed in a mixture of flour, butter, cinnamon, and cardamom and finally stuffed with crushed pistachios. The colors and shapes of the Ranginak have made us want to try it out quickly by looking at it.


No trip to Isfahan will be completed without Gaz. This is one of the best Iranian desserts besides Isfahan in places like Chaharmahal, Bakhtiari, and Kerman. The ingredients used in this dessert include sugar, egg, almonds and pistachios and cardamom and rose water. Of course, this pastry has different flavors and tastes that make it one of the most popular desserts that tourists can remember.


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